Slow Month

For various reasons (including a family emergency), this month has been a lax one for both blogging and radio.  I haven’t blogged much, I haven’t been very active on amateur radio, and I haven’t listened to the scanners much either.  I even missed two public service amateur radio events that I was looking forward to participating in and writing blog posts about.

This week I’ve been able to turn things around a bit.  Monday morning I had quite a bit of fun with my first train watching/rail-scanning outing at the Folkston Funnel.  It’s not so different from watching and scanning aviation and just as fun.  Yesterday turned out to be a great day for milair scanning at home here in Savannah; I was able to confirm that there are new MH-60Ms at Hunter AAF and there were numerous visits to Townsend Range from Shaw AFB F-16s.

This weekend, I’ll be trying to get back on the air on HF with the mobile station by hunting for special event stations.  I’m particularly interested in trying to snag the USS Wisconsin, BB-64 Final Decommissioning special event.  There is also a group of hams that will be activating Horseshoe Island in Arkansas for the first time so that would be another good one to put in the log book.

Due to the low amount of radio time I’ve had this month, my current plan is to forgo the usual Military Monitoring Recap and Mode-S posts and combine September’s logs with October’s logs at the beginning of November.  If I can get it together, there should also be a post coming out sometime in the next week about the Georgia ARES Simulated Emergency Test (SET) to take place on October 6, 2012.


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