Exercise Aircraft at Hunter AAF, 10/11 October 2012

Earlier in the week, I posted about some aircraft that were at Hunter AAF for an exercise.  I wasn’t in Savannah to listen to the goings on, but the RadarBox caught some activity on Wednesday night/Thursday morning.  Here’s what it caught:

  • ABOMA 35 (C-17A, 07-7186, 437/315 AW)
  • ABOMA 36 (C-17A, 07-7180, 437/315 AW)
  • OBAMA 37 (C-17A, 07-7182, 437/315 AW)
  • BREWR 71 (C-130H, 86-0414, 440 AW)
  • SHADO 91 (MC-130P, 65-0993, 58 SOW)
  • TALON 17 (MC-130H, 87-0126, 1 SOW)
  • ABOON 32 (MC-130H, 88-0264, 1 SOW)
  • ABOON 33 (MC-130H, 89-0283, 1 SOW)

Note:  The OBAMA/ABOMA callsigns are not typos on my part, that’s how the callsigns appeared in the ADS-B data.  I suspect that SHADO 91 was using another callsign because it arrived as SHADO 99 with SHADO 91 showing in the ADS-B data.  I’m also guessing that TALON 17 was probably flying as ABOON 31 but they didn’t change the callsign like the other two MC-130Hs did.

There were also three 22nd ARW KC-135Rs in the area during the same time and I suspect they were involved in the exercise:

  • GROUT 21 (KC-135R, 63-8002, 22 ARW)
  • GROUT 22 (KC-135R, 62-3545, 22 ARW)
  • GROUT 23 (KC-135R, 58-0126, 22 ARW)

I’ll be keeping an ear out tonight to see if anyone flies.  I came home this morning to find out the computer had reset itself due to a Windows update, so the RadarBox was offline from sometime Thursday to this morning.

Categories: Callsigns, Hunter AAF, Military Monitoring

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