Special Event Stations to Look For; 20-21 October 2012

This should be a busy weekend for special event stations!  There are 17 US Coast Guard Auxiliary Stations scheduled to be on the air and this weekend sees both National Wildlife Refuge Week and the Boy Scouts Jamboree on the Air (JOTA).  In addition to those groups of stations, there is also a good selection of community and historic events that will have special event stations on the air.  I’ll be on the air from the mobile at some point during the weekend, keep an ear out for me!

73rd Anniversary of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary:

  • Oct 17-Oct 21, 0700Z-2000Z, K2G, Freeport, NY. USCG Auxiliary HF Communications. 21.310 14.250 7.260 3.925. QSL. K2G c/o KA2HHO , PO Box 92, Babylon, NY 11702.
  • Oct 20, 0800Z-2300Z, W6W, Pacoima, CA. US Coast Guard Auliliary. 14.250 7.250. QSL. Howard Levine, 9482 Urbana Ave, Pacoima, CA 91331.
  • Oct 20, 1400Z-2300Z, KC4TIE, Benton, KY. Coast Guard Auxiliary. 14.230 14.070. QSL. Mary Husfield, 4156 Barge Island Rd, Benton, KY 42025.
  • Oct 20, 1400Z-2300Z, N1C, Honolulu, HI. US Coast Guard Auxiliary District 14. 28.330 21.330 14.270 7.270. QSL. Jonathan Levy, 1422 Heulu St A203, Honolulu, HI 96822.
  • Oct 20, 1400Z-1900Z, N5O, Kenner, LA. USCG Auxiliary Flotilla 081-04-05. 28.440 14.240. QSL. Albert Dupont, 448 Hooper Dr, Kenner, LA 70065.
  • Oct 20, 1400Z-2200Z, K3G, Media, PA. US Coast Guard Auxiliary. 28.330 21.330 14.270 7.270. QSL. Dan Amoroso, 196 Dam View Dr, Media, PA 19063.
  • Oct 20, 1400Z-2300Z, N2A, Crystal River, FL. USCG Auxiliary. 28.330 21.330 14.330 7.230. QSL. DM Thomas, 4515 N Loquat Pt, Crystal River, FL 34428.
  • Oct 20, 1400Z-2300Z, W4Z, Virginia Beach, VA. USCG Auxiliary. 14.309 14.070 7.209. QSL. Robert W. Dunnington, KI4VCT, 1200 Atlantic Ave, Virginia Beach, VA 23451.
  • Oct 20, 1400Z-2200Z, N4S, Trinity, AL. Redstone Flotilla 8ER-24-06. 14.275 7.245. QSL. Joe Kleri, 105 Meadowview Dr, Trinity, AL 35673.
  • Oct 20, 1200Z-2300Z, N3G, Port Penn, DE. US Coast Guard Auxiliary. 50.098 28.028 14.070 7.028. QSL. William G Begley Sr, 3 Pancoast Ave, Aston, PA 19014. Old Reedy Island Light USA-548, SSB if we find room. Air mobile over Delaware Bay 10,000 ft SSB on 10, 6.2 meter bands.
  • Oct 20-Oct 21, 1400Z-0200Z, W7N, Portland, OR. US Coast Guard Auxiliary District 13. 28.320 21.320 14.260 7.260. QSL. Gary Nepple, 14430 SE Center St, Portland, OR 97236.
  • Oct 20, 1400Z-2300Z, W8E, Loveland, OH. United States Coast Guard Auxiliary 8ER. 28.350 14.260 7.234 3.940. QSL. David Stroup, 6138 Misty Creek Dr, Loveland, OH 45140.
  • Oct 20, 1400Z-2300Z, N4A, Crystal River, FL. US Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 1501. 14.250. QSL. Frank A Nusso, 6225 E Malverne St, Inverness, FL 34452.
  • Oct 20, 1400Z-2200Z, W1H, Owls Head, ME. US Coast Guard Auxilary District D1N. 28.425 21.325 14.265 7.184. QSL. Bill Hopwood, KB1QXJ, PO Box 272, Elkins, NH 03233.
  • Oct 20-Oct 21, 2300Z-0100Z, K4V, Fort Myers, FL. USCG Auxiliary Cape Coral/Ft Myers Flotilla 9-10. 147.285. QSL. J. R. Fellabaum, KJ4VDJ, PO Box 60696, Fort Myers, FL 33906.
  • Oct 20, 1400Z-2100Z, K4A, Jacksboro, TN. US Coast Guard Auxilary. 14.270 7.270. QSL. Peter R DeWitt, 393lover Cir, Jacksboro, TN 37757.
  • Oct 21, 1200Z-2000Z, N1A, East Freetown, MA. US Coast Guard Auxiliary. 28.490 21.290 14.240 7.180. QSL. Paul G. Sadeck, 90 Doctor Braley Rd, East Freetown, MA 02717.

Boy Scouts of America Jamboree on the Air (http://www.scouting.org/jota.aspx):

  • Oct 19-Oct 21, 1700Z-2100Z, N1S, Bath, ME. Midcoast ARES. 14.032 7.032 3.942 3.526. QSL. LoTW or Harry McNelley, 281 Hillside Rd, Brunswick, ME 04011.
  • Oct 20, 0500Z-1100Z, K6U, Covina, CA. Valle del Sol District, San Gabriel Valley Council Boy Scouts ofAmerica & GERC Glendora, CA.. EchoLink 146.715. Certificate. James Dowdle, 134 N Country Club Rd, Glendora, CA 91741.
  • W2SO, The Lancaster Amateur Radio Club will be assisting the Greater Niagara Frontier Council during its annual Cub-a-Ree which coincides with the Jamboree on the Air. W2SO will be on 80 meters – 440 MHz. We would appreciate as many scout stations and any stations contacting us on phone or PSK.
  • K6B and W6B, On Saturday, October 20th., the Los Angeles Area Council, Boy Scouts of America will be on the air during the annual JOTA event. The following stations will be active, K6B, Battleship USS Iowa, San Pedro, Ca. and W6B, Firestone Scout Camp, Brea, Ca. Our operating will be from 10am to 4pm local Pacific time on 20m and 40m around the published JOTA frequencies. (1700 to 2300 UTC) We will be looking to make contacts with other scout groups and or any other hams willing to chat with some of the scouts as they filter through the station.

National Wildlife Refuge Week (http://www.nwrweek-radio.info/):

  • N8W:  14-20 October, 0000Z-2359Z, Lake Effect Amateur Radio Club/Luce Amateur Radio Society:  14.240, 14.070, and 7.240.  QSL via Lake Effect ARC / N8W, 36 Southfork St, Marquette, MI 49855.
  • W0NWR:  20 October, 1400Z-2100Z,  Amateur Radio Association of Bloomington: 14.262 and 7.195. QSL via Glenn Johnson, 2215 Big Timber Rd, Calmar, IA 52132
  • K9P:  20 October, 1500Z-2100Z, Riverland and Winona Amateur Radio Clubs:  28.750, 21.325, 14.265, and 7.225.  QSL for certificate via Bob Seaquist, 202 Zephyr Cir, La Crosse, WI 54601. 9X12 SASE for colorful QSL certificate.

29 September – 28 October, 0000Z-2359Z, CG3X – 50th Anniversary Alouette: Canada’s First Satellite:  CG3X will be on or near 14.070 in honor of the 50th anniversary of the launching of Canada’s first satellite Alouette.  QSL via Richard Goetze, 105 Fairfield Ave, Kitchener, ON N2H 6C2, CANADA.

17-20 October, 0000Z-2359Z, K0F – Farm-City Days:  The Iola Amateur Radio Club will be operating in conjunction with the Farm-City Days Festival, one of the largest events in Iola, KS.  They’ll be operating on or near 14.265, 14.070, and 7.180. QSL via Jeremy Utley, KE0MD, 522 N Tennessee, Iola, KS 66749.

19-21 October, 2000Z-2000Z, K0I – Iowa Civil War Sesquicentennial Special Event Station:  The Northwest Iowa Amateur Radio Club will be operating on or near 28.340, 21.340, 14.275, and 7.240 from Rock Rapids, Iowa’s Historic Island Park.  While supporting the Iowa QSO Party, they’ll also be honoring the Iowa Northern Border Brigade and other Iowans’ contributions to the Civil War.  QSL via Mark Carlson, 135 1st St, Ashton, IA 51232.

19-21 October, 1300Z-2300Z, W4W – Octoberfest 2012:  The Sevier County Emergency Radio Service will be celebrating Octoberfest by operating on or near 28.405, 21.350, and 14.245. QSL via Rick Sawaya Sr, 2005 Spence Mountain Lp, Sevierville, TN 37876. 100% QSL with a SASE #10.  Website:  www.sevierares.org

19-21 October, 1500Z-0200Z, N4NE – Cumming Greek Festival Special Event Station:  The Sawnee Amateur Radio Association will be operating in the General class portion of the bands during the Cumming, GA Greek Festival.  Website:  http://sawneeradio.com/

20 October, 1300Z-1800Z, NC4AR – Car Show & Chili Cookoff:  The Tri-County ARC will be operating in conjunction with the Trinity, NC “Feel the Thunder, Taste the Heat” Car Show and Chili Cookoff on 7.210 and 145.29. QSL for certificate via NC4AR, PO B ox 747, Trinity, NC 27370.

20 October, 9:00AM – 5:00 PM MST, W7AZO – 4×4 Ham Special Event from Titan Missile Museum:  4X4 Ham will be operating from the Titan Missile Museum in Green Valley, AZ using the facility’s 80 ft. tall discone antenna.  They’ll be operating on or near 14.244 and 7.244.  Website:  http://www.4x4ham.com/showthread.php?1828-Titan-Missile-Museum-Special-Event-Giant-Discone

20-21 October, 1400Z-2100Z, NB9QV – WWII Sub USS Cobia AGSS-245 Celebrating its 69th Anniversary:  The USS Cobia Amateur Radio Club will be celebrating the USS Cobia’s 69th Anniversary by operating on or near 14.250 and 7.240.  The USS Cobia conducted four successful patrols during WWII sinking 16,835 tons of Japanese shipping and earning four battle stars.  She also landed intelligence teams and performed lifeguard missions for downed aircrews in the Pacific QSL for Certificate & QSL via Fred Neuenfeldt W6BSF, 4932 S 10th St, Manitowoc, WI 54220. QSL request to: W6BSF w/SASE #10 Certificate to: K0EFV w/$1.00.  Website:   www.qrz.com/nb9qv

For more information on special event stations over the weekend, check out Jerry Taylor, KD0BIK’s Practical Amateur Radio Podcast. Each week he presents info on various special event stations that will be active over the coming weekend.  There’s lots of good info in Jerry’s podcasts in addition to the special event station info, give them a listen!

2 thoughts on “Special Event Stations to Look For; 20-21 October 2012

  1. From the staff at “K0I”, Thank you for hosting a special event list! It is important to get the message out that these stations are on the are. Many hours of work (and many dollars) go into the planning and operation of these special events. It helps to have a web page like this! Thank you!

    1. Not a problem, Mark. Hunting special event stations is my main interest on HF and I love to get the word out about them. I try to go through the ARRL listing, QRZ forums, etc. but any time you’re having one feel free to drop me an email and I’ll make sure it gets on the weekly list.

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