Notes From the Monitoring Station

To say the least it has been an interesting couple of days on the radios at the monitoring station.  I’ve been in Savannah, and suffering with a cold and sore throat, wasn’t able to talk for a couple of days.  It was the perfect excuse to enjoy some monitoring time (while also consuming mass quantities of liquids and cough medicene).  Additionally, I spent part of the time setting up a netbook computer and my BCD396T as a portable computer logging/recording setup.  While it has so far served to look for new talkgroups on the SEGARRN system, it can be used to log and record for most any VHF/UHF purpose.

While I didn’t catch in on the scanners, I got a nice catch on the RadarBox on Tuesday morning:  Brazilian Air Force C-130 2467.  Luckily it was transmitting position information so I was able to watch it on the AirNav RadarBox map as it transited up the Georgia coast.  Here’s a screen shot from the map:

Brazilian Air Force C-130H 2467 (in white) flying up the Georgia Coast.

Tuesday also saw activity from two E-3 AWACS aircraft withing my monitoring range.  DRAGNET (E-3, 966th ACCS) and BANDSAW (E-3, 964th ACCS) worked with F-16s from the 169th FW at McEntire ANGB off of the SC coast in W-161/177.  In addition to listening to them working with the fighters, I was also able to hear coordination communications with HUNTRESS (NORAD EADS) and training operations with BEEFEATER (the ECM range at Poinsett Range).

There was some post-Presidential Debate listening on Tuesday as well as AIR FORCE 1 and SAM 44, the 89th AW VC-25A carrying the President and the backup aircraft respectively, carried President Obama from Florida to Ohio after the final debate of the election cycle.  It isn’t very often you get to hear AIR FORCE 1, so it was fun to catch both it and the backup aircraft.

The USS Truman, CVN-75 has been working in the Atlantic doing training operations for a deployment next year.  One of the units in CVW-3, the air wing assigned to the Truman is MCAS Beaufort based VMFA-312.  On Wednesday I heard VMFA-312 F/A-18s returning to MCAS Beaufort as the Truman is apparently headed back into port.  HSC-7 is the helicopter unit assigned to CVW-3 and I also heard some of their MH-60s headed southbound in the Savannah area.

On Tuesday (23 October 2012) and Wednesday (24 October 2012) an MH-47G from 3-160 SOAR at Hunter AAF (03763) operated out of the Air National Guard Ramp at Savannah International Airport, flying out over the Atlantic Ocean in Special Use Area W-133.  On Tuesday, it was using the callsign EVAL 69; although I knew it was an H-47 by the audio I didn’t have any further information.  It was identified by a mil-spotter on Wednesday morning at 03763 and also flew on Wednesday its usual callsign ARMY 03763.  The EVAL callsign would indicate they were evaluating something, but what?  What were they evaluating that caused them to fly out of the Guard ramp rather than their home base of Hunter AAF just a few miles away?


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