Amateur Radio: Recent QSL Cards

Here are a few QSL cards I recently received:

I received this QSL card awhile back after working K1CG’s 222nd Birthday of the US Coast Guard special event station. The card is memorial to Master Chief Goerge Manning, who passed away in 2010 and was the original holder of the callsign.

This card is a good example of how Twitter can help augment the amateur radio hobby. Mitch, KF5OEF and I follow each other on Twitter (along with a bunch of other hams) and it led to me working Mitch while he was operating QRP (low power) from the Martin Creek Lake State Park in Tatum, TX.

Gerry Hull, W1VE was operating in the 2012 Canada Day Contest and celebrating Canada’s 145th birthday using W-1-Canada.

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  1. Hi Roland. Nice QSL cards. Are you still using the Yaesu FT-897D? I am thinking of buying one for my shack. Does your version cover the 5 MHz band? 73 Kelly 5B4AIT

    • Sorry for such a late reply, I forgot to reply to your comment! I actually have 2 897s; one, a D-model is in the home shack and does 60 Meters (5 megs), the other is in the mobile and is an older model that doesn’t do 60 Meters. The 897 is a good, simple HF rig especially if you want to remove it from home and operate portable. I’ve had loads of fun with mine.

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