Scanning: Glynn County SEGARRN Update

While I was in Brunswick last week, I left the Uniden BCD396XT running with Butel’s ARC-XT software on my netbook computer to log and record talkgroups on the Glynn County site of the SEGARRN trunked repeater system.  During the week, I was able to use the logs and recordings to identify one of the Glynn County public works talkgroups I’ve been hearing and find the first Glynn County public safety traffic I’ve heard on the system.

Uniden BCD396XT handheld scanner connected to an Acer netbook computer running Butel’s ARC-XT software for computer logging and recording of traffic.

There are a number of talkgroups I’ve heard Glynn County public works traffic on but as of yet I hadn’t been able to make any channel or department IDs except for a guess that most of it was Road Department related.  Last week, TG 13315 was identified by one of the users as “Traffic,” so I’m guessing it must be their Traffic Engineers.  Here’s a list of the Glynn County public works talkgroups I’ve heard so far:

  • 13312 (Busiest by far, probably the primary channel)
  • 13313
  • 13314
  • 13315 – Traffic
  • 13316

It seems that the Glynn County FD might be starting to use the SEGARRN system as well.  Last week I began hearing some of their units on two talkgroups.  On TG 13320, there was some informal traffic that seemed to be fire department related as well as several unanswered calls  from Glynn FD units to their Fire Control and Headquarters.  On TG 13334, there was a call from Glynn County Engine 1 to BFD (Brunswick FD) that was unanswered.  I’m guessing that 13320 might be a Glynn County FD channel and that 13334 could be a Glynn FD, Brunswick FD, or a mutual aid/common channel; with these two talkgroups showing up it definitely seems like it’s time to start paying more attention to the Glynn County SEGARRN site if you aren’t already.



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