Scanning: Glynn County SEGARRN Update, 21 Nov 2012

Over the last week I began utilizing ID Tracker III to log and record on a netbook computer using the BCD396XT.  During that time I was in Brunswick and let it run on the Glynn County site of the SEGARRN TRS.  Each morning I reviewed the logs and recordings and I think I’ve finally figured out what some of the Glynn County talkgroups I’ve been hearing are.  Most of them are indeed Public Works and they’re users that were previously using 158.835.

Glynn County Public Works appears to have five talkgroups.  TG 13312 is the busiest and most of the time the users run their traffic through “761” which seems to be a control or dispatch station.  I’ve noticed a tendency for dispatch stations in the area to use the last three digits of the callsign as their identifier and 761 was the last three digits of the callsign used on 158.835 – KAX761.  Despite not hearing any of the users ID the talkgroup as any particular channel, I’m labeling TG 13312 as Public Works Dispatch based on the nature of the communications and the use 0f 761 as an ID on it.  The only other one of the talkgroups I’ve been able to ID is TG 13315, which one of the users referred to as “Traffic.”  One of the divisions of Glynn County Public Works is Traffic Safety and the nature of the communications is related to what Traffic Safety does, so I’ve labeled TG 13315 as Traffic Safety.   The other three talkgroups have mostly had minimal communications or just ker-chunks but the UIDs have matched those appearing on TG 13312 so it’s safe to assume they are Public Works talkgroups as well.  Further monitoring may lead to channel identification.  Note:  Users don’t seem to understand the nature of the radio system they’re using and refer to the talkgroups/channels as frequencies.

  • TG 13312 – Public Works Dispatch
  • TG 13313
  • TG 13314
  • TG 13315 – Public Works Traffic Safety
  • TG 13316

As I mentioned in the last update, TG 13320 appears to be Glynn County Fire Department related and TG 13334 appears to be Glynn County FD or Brunswick FD related as well.  The past week didn’t reveal any further about either talkgroup but hopefully traffic will begin to pick up on the system and more can be identified.

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