Scanning: Robins AFB TRS

Yesterday I took a trip to the Museum of Aviation at Robins AFB.  While I was visiting the museum, I left the Uniden BCD396XT running connected to ID Tracker III on a netbook computer in the back of the car to gather some data and recordings on the Robins AFB TRS.  Full information on the system, including frequencies and talkgroups can be found on its Radio Reference page in the previous link.

Some of the talkgroups on Radio Reference showed unidentified but recordings and data from ID Tracker III have provided information that identified them:

  • TG 2544 and TG 2576 had traffic related to the Museum of Aviation, so I’ve ID’d them as Museum of Aviation talkgroups.
  • Activity on TG 4208 and TG 4240 seem to be ALC related, so they can be ID’d as another ALC talkgroups.
  • TG 4976 saw activity from some of the same UIDs that were on the Crash/Fire talkgroup, so it can be ID’d as another Crash/Fire talkgroup.
  • TG 11280 has activity from various radios working PORT CONTROL, so I’ve ID’d it as PORT CONTROL.

Here’s a complete list of the Robins AFB talkgroups that ID Tracker III logged yesterday:

1616 – Unidentified
1648 – Unidentified
2544 – Museum of Aviation
2576 – Museum of Aviation
3248 – All – RAFB Rogue
3280 – All – RAFB ALC
3312 – Unidentified
3344 – Unidentified
3504 – All – RAFB ALC
3536 – All – RAFB ALC
3600 – All – RAFB ALC
3632 – All – RAFB ALC
3696 – All – RAFB ALC
3760 – All – RAFB ALC
3792 – All – RAFB ALC
3824 – Unidentified
3856 – All – RAFB ALC
4208 – All – RAFB ALC
4240 – All – RAFB ALC
4848 – Unidentified
4880 – Unidentified
4912 – All – RAFB OPS
4944 – All – RAFB CRASH/FIRE
4976 – All – RAFB CRASH/FIRE
6448 – All – RAFB SCRTY
6480 – All – RAFB POLICE
11216 – Unidentified
13648 – Unidentified
16048 – All – RAFB 19ARG
40048 – All – RAFB 116ACW
40784 – All – RAFB 116ACW

Note:  RAFB = Robins Air Force Base.  ALC = Air Logistics Center, part of the base that does depot level maintenance on F-15s, C-5s, C-130s, and C-17s.  ACW = Air Control Wing, the JSTARS Wing at Robins AFB.

TG 16048 interests me. The 19th ARG is no longer at Robins AFB, so that talkgroup has obviously been reassigned to someone else.  There were only a few transmissions recorded and none of them gave any indication of who the user might be.  None of the UIDs on the talkgroup showed up on any of the other talkgroups logged either.


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