VMFT-401 Back in the Lowcountry

VMFT-401 "SNIPERs" at MCAS BeaufortThe F-5s of VMFT-401 are back in the Lowcountry.  They’re at MCAS Beaufort, SC this week working with the F/A-18 squadrons of MAG-31.  I didn’t catch their arrival, but they apparently arrived at Beaufort on Monday and began flying sorties off shore yesterday.  As usual, they’re using the callsign SNIPER and using frequencies assigned to MCAS Beaufort.  On this visit, they’re using 228.200, VMFA-312’s usual Base frequency for their Base and 227.200 and 308.925 (formerly used by VFA-82 and VFA-86 prior to their leaving Beaufort) for air-to-air frequencies.

This afternoon, they took part in an LFE (Large Force Exercise) off of the SC/GA coast along with F/A-18s from MAG-31’s VMFA-115, VMFA-122, and VMFA(AW)-533.  Frequencies used were 284.500, 120.950, 376.900, and 318.600.  There was also some aerial refueling activity between the F/A-18s and DIXIE 17 (KC-135R, 117th ARW).  For those interested in trying to listen, they’ll probably follow a similar pattern the rest of the week.  Keep an ear on 284.500 and you should be able to follow them off to operating frequencies as they check in.

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