Amateur Radio: Goals and Resolutions for the New Year?

I’ve been seeing a lot of tweets, Facebook posts, and blog posts from fellow amateur radio operators about their goals and resolutions for the hobby in 2013.  I started thinking about the year ahead in amateur radio for me and realized that I’m not as ambitious as most others…  I guess you could say I’m really not a goal oriented or competitive person , in fact some of you might say that I’m inherently lazy (the only difference between me and the rest of the lazy people is that I admit it…).  To be honest, I get enough of urgency and deadlines at work and I don’t care to worry about goalposts on my own time.  Long story short, my initial intent was to say the heck with any goals or resolutions and just keep on keeping on but I finally decided that I do have some general things I’d like to accomplish in amateur radio during 2013:

I want to have more fun in amateur radio.  All too often it seems that with things like involvement in clubs and writing this blog, the radio hobby becomes more like a chore than a hobby.  I’ve been feeling this again over the last several months.  In 2013 I simply want to have more fun.  In the past I’ve tried to use contests to pick up new countries but that is probably going to become less frequent; I simply don’t enjoy the contest atmosphere.  If that means I don’t pick up new countries, so be it.  On the other hand, I’m going to continue the more leisurely and more friendly pursuit of special event stations, museum ships, and lighthouses.  With those pursuits, it’s not unusual to perhaps learn something new or have a good QSO instead of the quick staccato of a contest exchange.

I want to participate in more public service events.  Most amateur radio public service events are on weekends and most months I only get one weekend off so it’s hard to participate.  After many years of not participating, I had the opportunity to participate in a couple in 2012.  I want to continue that upward trend in 2013 as the work schedule allows.

I’ve been considering changes to the mobile station.  I’ve been thinking about switching the FT-897 I’m using for mobile HF with a FT-857 and remote mounting the control head.  That’s a considerable expense, so it will depend wholly upon finances in this new year.   The 897 works well, I’ve got no complaints about that; it simply takes up a lot of space and requires moving things around if I have a front seat passenger.  At any rate, I’d like to look at improving the mobile station within the small amount of money I can afford to throw it at it.

Good Luck and I hope to catch you on the air in 2013!


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