Frequency Changes for One of Jacksonville ARTCC’s Savannah Area Sectors

As I posted awhile back, it was announced that Jacksonville ARTCC was making some frequency changes in the Savannah area.  Those changes took place today.  What it seems that they have done is consolidate the ‘Savannah Low’ sector using 120.850/322.50 with the ‘Allendale Low’  sector using  132.500/363.200.  The new sector (looks like it may be called ‘Millen Low’) is using 132.925/363.200.  I’m guessing the transmitters and antennas are located at Savannah IAP like 120.850/322.500 were because I can hear the ground side of 132.925/363.200 here at home in Savannah.

This change doesn’t seem to be coming without some issues.  It sounds like the controllers may not have been in favor of the change and some pilots were complaining of reception issues.  Throughout the day, several aircraft have been asked by the controllers to give them radio checks, including some this morning that were comparing 120.850 with 132.925.

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