Scanning: Atlanta Trip; 10 February 2013

ATLANTA, GA – I left Savannah Sunday afternoon around 1330 for Atlanta, where I’m at until Tuesday evening for some work related training.  I made it to Atlanta shortly after 1700 and apparently the rain arrived with me.  Leaving Savannah, I listened to MACE and DEMON, F-16s from the 169th FW, SC ANG doing some training off of the coast on 293.600, 316.300, and 143.250; that was it for any military activity I heard until north of Dublin on I-16.  I was able to listen to the Robins AFB TRS from I-16 around Dudley up to Macon on I-75 north of I-16 and that finished what MilCom I was able to hear for the day. I drove though some light rain on I-75, I-675, and I-285 but right after I checked in to the Holiday Inn Northlake here off of Exit 37 on I-285, the skies opened and a good rain started to fall (thankfully we didn’t get any of the severe weather from the front that Mississippi and Alabama received).

As far as aviation monitoring goes I started to hear a lot of traffic on Atlanta Departure frequencies while in Macon.  Needless to say, A LOT of Delta callsigns were heard (at times it seemed that’s all I heard!).  No MilCom activity was heard but I suspect that’s not unusual for a Sunday evening.

Once I got checked in to the motel and unpacked, I set up the portable monitoring post.  I tried to search for some Federal activity but none of the Federal TRSs in the area were in range.  Both the Atlanta and DeKalb TRSs were in range and I enjoyed listening to them through the evening.  It’s always fun to listen to other areas and hear operational and procedural differences than what are used at home.

Portable monitoring station consisting of the BCD396XT and Acer netbook running ID Tracker III set up in the motel room.
Portable monitoring station consisting of the BCD396XT and Acer netbook running ID Tracker III set up in the motel room.

As usual, I didn’t monitor any law enforcement activity, just Fire/EMS and other related traffic.  Below are the talkgroup logs gathered by ID Tracker III while I was listening yesterday evening and last night:

DeKalb TRS
6121 – DCFD 1 Dispatch
6122 – DCFD 2 Ops
6132 – DCFD Tac 7

Atlanta TRS
19361 – Hapeville FD Dispatch
19377 – East Point FD Dispatch
19406 – College Park FD Dispatch
19567 – Atlanta Hartsfield FAA Crash
19569 – Atlanta Hartsfield ATL Ops 1
19614 – Atlanta Hartsfield ATL FD Disp
19615 – Atlanta Hartsfield ATL FD Emergency
19631 – Atlanta FD Tac 3
19632 – Atlanta FD Tac 2
19648 – Grady EMS ECC
19649 – Grady EMS Resp
19654 – Atlanta FD Med 1
19657 – Atlanta FD Dispatch

I’ll do some more monitoring this afternoon and evening, adding some aviation and MilAir frequencies into the mix; I’ll also be monitoring with the mobile equipment while going back and forth between training.  If all goes well, I’ll post another report tomorrow morning.

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