Scanning: Atlanta Trip; 12 February 2013 and Wrap Up

Yesterday was the last day of my trip to Atlanta.  Minimal radio time meant that there wasn’t much to add to the cumulative list of what I heard and the miserable weather put the damper on my favorite thing to listen out for:   military aviation.  Despite the weather and not being around the radios from around 0900 to 1600, I still managed one MilCom snag (to make a total of 2 for the trip!):  GOLIATH ALPHA (E-3 AWACS, 960th ACCS) was up on 364.200 working with Huntress around 0815; I’m guessing that they may have been setting up for some activity in the Bulldog MOA but I didn’t catch any locations.

In the 11 February post, I mentioned setting up the Uniden Home Patrol with the laptop to help play radio due to the weather preventing me from playing tourist.  Here’s a photo of the setup I used on Monday night and Tuesday morning:

Laptop computer controlling the Uniden HP-1 and netbook computer controlling the BCD396XT.

Laptop computer controlling the Uniden HP-1 and netbook computer controlling the BCD396XT.

Cumulative logs from the Tucker/Stone Mountain area near Atlanta for 10-12 February 2013:

Atlanta TRS
19361 – Hapeville FD Dispatch
19377 – East Point FD Dispatch
19406 – College Park FD Dispatch
19567 – Atlanta Hartsfield FAA Crash
19569 – Atlanta Hartsfield ATL Ops 1
19614 – Atlanta Hartsfield ATL FD Disp
19615 – Atlanta Hartsfield ATL FD Emergency
19631 – Atlanta FD Tac 3
19632 – Atlanta FD Tac 2
19648 – Grady EMS ECC
19649 – Grady EMS Resp
19650 – Grady EMS Dispatch
19654 – Atlanta FD Med 1
19657 – Atlanta FD Dispatch
19713 – Ambassador

Clayton County
453.400 (PL 107.2) – CCFD Ch. 1

Cobb TRS
30201 – Cobb Co FD Dispatch
30304 – Metro Priv
30882 – Smyrna FD Dispatch

DeKalb P25 TRS
6121 – DCFD 1 Dispatch
6122 – DCFD 2 Ops
6126 – DCFD Tac 1
6132 – DCFD Tac 7

Emory TRS
3280 – Univ & Hosp Public Safety Dispatch

Fulton TRS
41680 – Roswell FD Dispatch
43408 – Alpharetta FD Dispatch
47088 – NPS Hooch
47152 – Fulton County FD Dispatch
47248 – Chat Riv Com Fire Tac 2
47472 – Fairburn FD Dispatch
48720 – RMA S Admin
49104 – Chat Riv Com Fire Dispatch

Note: No fire dispatch activity heard on Fairburn FD Dispatch, just training operations

Gwinnett TRS
10603 – Gwinnett FD Dispatch
10609 – Gwinnett Fire Tac 2
10615 – Gwinnett Fire Tac 5
10617 – Gwinnett Fire Tac 6
10619 – Gwinnett Fire Tac 7
10621 – Gwinnett Fire Tac 8
10623 – Gwinnett Fire Tac 9

Rockdale TRS
400 – Rockdale Co Fire Dispatch

WSB Traffic Helicopter
450.250 – Thanks to Jim Reed, N4BFR for the suggestion on this one!

124.600 – Atlanta-Hartsfield FNL 9/27
125.650 – Atlanta-Hartsfield Departure
125.700 – Atlanta-Hartsfield Departure
127.900 – Atlanta-Hartsfield Departure
128.000 – Atlanta-Hartsfield ARR/P

120.900 – DeKalb-Peachtree Tower
126.975 – Dekalb-Peachtree Approach/Departure

120.750 – Dobbins ARB Tower
121.000 – Dobbins ARB Approach/Departure

364.200 – NORAD AICC

During the trip up to Atlanta on Sunday, the Macon-Bibb County TRS didn’t work as programmed into the HP-1 by the Butel ARC Patrol software.  On Monday afternoon, I checked the programming against the Radio Reference website and noticed that not all of the frequencies carried over when I programmed it via the internet with ARC Patrol.  I tried it again and the same thing happened so I ended up entering the frequencies manually.  It worked perfectly on the trip home yesterday evening while in the Macon area.  This is the first time I’ve noticed this happening with ARC Patrol and the Macon-Bibb County system is the only system I’ve had a problem with it programming.

Also on the way home, I once again noticed I could start picking up the Robins AFB TRS in Macon on I-75 north of I-16, I could hear it driving down I-16 to around Exit 24 (which happens to be the exit you would take to go to Warner Robins if coming from Savannah).

Closer to home, I began picking up crystal clear traffic on the SEGARRN system from the Bulloch County site while in Metter on I-16.  This was great for keeping tabs on traffic conditions while traveling through the Bulloch/Bryan/Effingham/Chatham area in the inclement weather.

Overall, the trip was very interesting from the radio perspective.  I had the opportunity to listen some really busy agencies and hear different operating procedures than I’m used to hearing in Savannah and Brunswick.  One thing that was perfectly clear was that if you are going to attempt to monitor most or all of the public safety agencies in Atlanta you’re going to need multiple radios.  If you’re going to listen to public safety plus aviation and/or MilCom, you’re going to need multiple radios.  Most of all, the next time I go to Atlanta I’ll have a better idea of how to lay out my scanner programming and what radios to use for what.

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