43rd Fighter Squadron F-22s at Savannah IAP

43 FSF-22s from the 43rd FS at Tyndall AFB and T-38s from Tyndall AFB are currently operating out of the Combat Readiness Training Center at Savannah IAP.  I’m not sure when they arrived but the first report I saw of them was yesterday afternoon and today was the first day I’ve heard them flying.  There are 10 F-22s at the CRTC and an unknown number of T-38s.  I’ve also heard that there are a number of KC-135s at the CRTC as well and I’ve heard one. This morning and this afternoon, the F-22s, 2 T-38s, and a KC-135 operated off shore in the special use areas with F/A-18s from MCAS Beaufort.  One of the F-22s also declared an IFE during the morning sortie for a fuel leak that was bad enough to cause Runway 10/28 at Savannah IAP to be shut down for approximately an hour.

257.800 – Savannah Tower
353.775 – Savannah Approach/Departure
371.875 – Savannah Approach/Departure
282.200 – Jax Center Jekyll Low
363.200 – Jax Center Millen Low

237.000 – CRTC; 43rd FS “HORNET Ops”
293.300 – CRTC; F-22 air-to-air
328.500 – CRTC; F-22 air-to-air
363.900 – CRTC; F-22 air-to-air
378.900 – CRTC; T-38 air-to-air

284.500 – SEALORD North Primary
350.675 – North TACTS Range
355.325 – North TACTS Range
381.875 – North TACTS Range

BURNER – F-22, 43rd FS
CRANKY – F-22, 43rd FS
DEMON – F-22, 43rd FS
HORNET – F-22, 43rd FS
OPIE – F-22, 43rd FS
RACK – F-22, 43rd FS
WASP – F-22, 43rd FS
MAXIM – T-38, Tyndall AFB
PIRAT – KC-135, 6th AMW
HAWK – F/A-18D, VMFA-533


4 thoughts on “43rd Fighter Squadron F-22s at Savannah IAP

    1. Thanks Mike. With most of the blogging sites like WordPress and Blogger, you really don’t need many computer skills. Basically, if you can use Microsoft Word, you can write a blog. As far as FedCom goes, the majority of it in the Savannah area is encrypted. Unfortunately, due to the nature of my employment I’m unable to blog on most FedCom activity.

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