Special Event Stations to Look For; 15-18 March 2013

This weekend looks to be another good weekend for hunting special event stations.  There are a number of historic and commemorative stations, several special event stations being held in conjunction with local festivals, and a St. Patrick’s Day special event station from Northern Ireland.  In my opinion, however, the special event station to look for this weekend will be K5B, which will be commemorating the tragic Bataan Death March of World War II.

9-17 March, 0000Z-2359Z, K0KKV – 60th Anniversary of the Lincoln Amateur Radio Club & Nebraska State ARRL Convention:  The Lincoln Amateur Radio Club will be operating a special event station on or near 14.295, 7.282, and 3.982 to honor their 60th Anniversary and as part of the Lincoln Hamfest and Nebraska ARRL Convention.  QSL via Lincoln Amateur Radio Club, PO Box 5006, Lincoln, NE 68505.  Website:  k0kkv.org

15-16 March, 1600Z-2000Z, N9L – Commemoration of the 94th Birthday of The American Legion:  The American Legion Amateur Radio Club will be operating on or near 14.270 to commemorate the 94th Birthday of the American Legion (conditions permitting, there may be CW activity on 21.040).  Founded in 1919 by servicemen returning home from World War 1, The American Legion supports veterans and lobbies on the behalf of both veterans and active duty service members on veterans and military related issues.  QSL for certificate via The American Legion Amateur Radio Club, The American Legion National Headquarters, 700 N Pennsylvania St, Indianapolis, IN 46204 (include a 9 X 12″ SASE).  Website:  www.legion.org/hamradio

15-17 March, 1500Z-2200Z, W5G – 264th Anniversary of the Founding of Goliad:  The Goliad County Amateur Radio Operators will be operating SSB and CW on all HF bands to honor the 264th Anniversary of Goliad, TX.  The founding of Goliad is traced back to 1749 when the Mission Nuestra Señora del Espíritu Santo de Zúñiga was moved to the location of current day Goliad.  QSL via Skip Stem, WB4DAD, 655 N Loop 337 #405, New Braunfels, TX 78130

15-17 March, 1500Z-2200Z, KC5ZJY – Louisiana Nursery Festival Special Event:  The Amateur Radio Club of Central Louisiana will be operating a special event station on or near  21.260 14.250, and 7.235 in conjunction with the Louisiana Nursery Festival in Forest Hill, LA.  QSL for certificate via ARCCLA, PO Box 8852, Alexandria, LA 71306 (include a self-addressed stamped envelope and $1 for a certificate).  Website:  www.clarc.us

16 March, 1400Z-2000Z, W4BKM – 31st Annual Cherry Blossom Festival:  The Macon Amateur Radio Club will be operating a special event station in conjunction with the Cherry Blossom Festival on or near 14.240 and  7.225.  QSL for certificate via MARC, PO Box 4862, Macon, GA 31208.  Website:  w4bkm.com

16 March, 1330Z-2130Z, W4W – Celebrate Wellington!:  The Wellington Radio Club will be operating a special event station on or near 21.260, 14.260, and 7.160 as well as EchoLink WB2NBU to commemorate the founding of Wellington, FL, the World’s Winter Polo and Equestrian Capital in 1996. QSL via Georg Samulkewitsch, K4WRC, 12190 Broadleaf Ct, West Palm Beach, FL 33414.  Part of the special event station will include an exchange of greetings between Dr. Wayne Guppy, Chairman of the Wellington Region Mayors Forum and Mayor of Upper Hutt, New Zealand and the mayor of Wellington FL, Bob Margolis.  Website:  qsl.net/k4wrc

16-17 March, 1300Z-2000Z, N4G – Battle of Guilford Courthouse Commemoration – Greensboro, North Carolina:  The Greensboro (NC) Amateur Radio Association will be commemorating the Revolutionary War Battle of Guilford Courthouse by operating a special event station or near 21.322, 14.322, 7.232, and 3.900.  The Battle of Guilford Courthouse was a tactical victory for the British Army but a strategic loss; after losing over a quarter of their force at Guilford Courthouse, the British eventually pulled back from the interior of the Carolinas to the coast, losing any hope of establishing a hold on the Carolinas and Georgia. QSL for certificate & QSL via Greensboro Amateur Radio Association – N4G, PO Box 7054, Greensboro, NC 27417. Website:   www.w4gso.org/n4g

17 March 2013, K5B:  24th Annual Bataan Memorial Death March Marathon:  The Mesilla Valley Radio Club (MVRC) of Las Cruces, New Mexico will be operating a special event station on or near 21.337, 14.330, 7.225, and 3.893 in conjunction with the 24th Annual Bataan Memorial Death March Marathon event to be held at the nearby White Sands Missile Range.  The Bataan Death March was the 80 mile forced march of Filipino and American prisoners of war by the Japanese Army following the World War II Japanese victory in the Battle of Bataan.  Characterized by widespread atrocities, the death toll of the march was between 2,500-10,000 Filipinos and 100-650 Americans (the toll is difficult to calculate due to the number of escapees).  Following the war, the Bataan Death March was judged to be a war crime and General Masaharu Homma, commander of the Japanese troops at Bataan, was found guilty of war crimes and executed for the atrocities committed during the march.  Special Events Station K5B, c/o Mesilla Valley Radio Club, P. O. Box 1443, Las Cruces, NM 88004-1443.  Website:  http://www.n5bl.org/bataan/

Prisoners of war on the Bataan Death March. (U.S. Air Force photo)

Prisoners of war on the Bataan Death March. (U.S. Air Force photo)

18 March, 1100Z-1700Z, GB1SPD:  Omagh St Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival:  The West Tyrone Amateur Radio Club in Northern Ireland will be operating a special event station in conjunction with the Omagh St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival on HF,  VHF/UHF,  EchoLink, and digital modes.  QSL via West Tyrone Amateur Radio Club, Technology Education Centre, 2 Spillers Place, Omagh County Tyrone BT78 1FA, NORTHERN IRELAND.  Website:  www.qrz.com/db/gb1spd

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