Woods Fire off of Golden Isles Parkway in Glynn County

Brunswick, GA – On Sunday afternoon (31 March 2013) while operating the mobile amateur radio station, my activity was interrupted by a woods fire that erupted not 300 yards from where I stay when I’m in Brunswick.  The woods between the DOT office and the Golden Isles Parkway caught on fire requiring a response from 3 Glynn County FD Engines (E8, E5, and E11), a Squad (Squad 8), the Deputy Chief (53), and Georgia Forestry (Glynn 72).  It hadn’t been long since I returned from getting something to eat and I noticed a brush pile burning on the other side of Golden Isles Parkway so I didn’t think much of the first smoke I started smelling and seeing.  I just thought it was blowing from across the street with the wind.  It didn’t take long for the smoke to intensify and for flakes of ash to start wafting by; at that point I knew it wasn’t coming from across the street; as I looked over in the direction of where it was coming from I saw Engine 8 pulling up.  I quickly shut down the ham gear, turned the scanner on, and grabbed the camera.

Glynn County FD units used the GCFD F1 talkgroup (TG 2000) on the Glynn County TRS for their fireground communications and Georgia Forestry used their Mobile-to-Mobile channel (159.390)

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