New 380 MHz Trunked Repeater System in Coastal Georgia

Savannah, GA – Earlier this week I was intrigued when the Savannah Morning News, WSAV, and WTOC began reporting that homeowners in the Ardsley Park neighborhood of Savannah began reporting that their garage door openers weren’t working.  Many theories were mentioned but as soon as I saw the report I had a feeling I knew what it was – a 380 MHz Trunked Repeater System.  In the Savannah Morning News article above, Chuck Watson hit the nail on the head; 380 MHz military land mobile radio systems are well known as a source of interference for garage door openers.  Since I was in Brunswick all week, I was unable to confirm it but additional news reports from the Savannah Morning News and WSAV later in the week confirmed Chuck Watson’s theory and my suspicion; Hunter AAF indicated that there was a new system on line (although officials didn’t think it was yet) and a report from WTOC even gave the location for the site causing the issue:  a tower near Derst Bakery on Hopkins St.  It is important to keep in mind that the military radio system really isn’t at fault here; the garage door openers are secondary users of the frequencies and must accept interference from the military systems which are the primary users of the frequencies in question.

On the way home from Savannah this morning, I ran a search to see if I could find the system and in Liberty county I began picking it up.  So far, the system has four sites working in Liberty/Bryan/Chatham county areas.  So far, all I’ve heard are control channels with no talkgroup activity.  My best guess is that it is a system that will be replacing the Ft. Stewart/Hunter AAF 400 MHz trunked repeater system.  Here’s what I’ve heard so far:

System ID:  058A

388.3250 – 058A-0201 – Derst Bakey/Hopkins St site
388.2500 – 058A-0202
388.3375 – 058A-0204 – Likely in Richmond Hill area
385.6250 – 058A-0205

There’s certain to be a site 0203 but I haven’t heard it yet and is likely to be in the Fort Stewart area somewhere.  I’ll update in the future as I discover more.  It’s always fun to have a radio mystery to figure out!

2 thoughts on “New 380 MHz Trunked Repeater System in Coastal Georgia

    1. From what I understand, they’re trying to push DoD systems to 380 MHz since it’s assigned to the military and leave 400 Mhz for Federal systems.

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