Special Event Stations to Look For; 20-21 April 2013

There are a number of special event stations on the air this weekend encompassing a variety of interests.  For those interested in history, there is a special event station for a festival featuring a 1914 cotton gin and another special event station honoring the birthday of an amateur radio club formed in 1954.  For those interested in scouting, there is a special event station from an Ohio Camporee.  For wildlife and nature enthusiasts, there is a special event station from a festival that raises awareness of an endangered species.  Another special event station celebrates Iowa State University.  Finally, there is a special event station in honor of the soon to be King of the Netherlands.

19-21 April, 1700Z-1700Z, K2BSA/8 – Scoutfest 2013:  The Muskingum Valley Council Boy Scouts of America will be operating on or near 14.290 and 7.190 for Scoutfest 2013, a council wide Camporee in Zaneville, OH. QSL via Matt Murphy c/o Muskingum Valley Council BSA, 734 Moorehead Ave, Zanesville, OH 43701. Website:  kc8bew.net

20 April, 1400Z-2200Z, K5C – 24th Annual Cotton Gin Festival:  Jamie Crandall will be operating a special event station in conjunction with the Burton, TX 24th Annual Cotton Gin Festival.  The Cotton Gin Festival is at the Burton Cotton Gin & Museum, which maintains and preserves a 1914 Burton Farmers Gin.  He’ll be operating on or near 21.340, 14.340, 14.040, and 7.040.  QSL for Certificate via Burton Cotton Gin Special Event Station K5C, PO Box 98, Burton, TX 77835.

20 April, 1500Z-2200Z, W5BMC – Bayou Teche Black Bear/Wooden Boat Festival:  The Bayouland Emergency Amateur Radio Service will be operating a special event station in conjuction with the Bayou Teche Black Bear/Wooden Boat Festival on or near 14.265 and 7.265 as well as EchoLink Node 507010.  The Black Bear Festival raises awareness of the endangered Black Bears and assists with the development of recreational facilities at the Bayou Teche Wildlife Refuge.  QSL via Jackie Price, KA5LMZ, 708 Front St, Morgan City, LA 70380.

20-21 April, 1900Z-1900Z, W7ZA – Grays Harbor Amateur Radio Club Birthday Event:  The Grays Harbor Amateur Radio Club of Aberdeen, WA will be operating a special event honor the club’s birthday on or near 14.255 and 14.050.  GHARC was formed in April 1954 by Dr. Charles Gibson, W7ROH.  QSL via GHARC Birthday Event, PO Box 2250, Aberdeen, WA 98520.  Website:  gharc.org

20 April, 0000Z-2359Z, GB5IMD – International Marconi Day:  The Gordano Amateur Radio Group will be operating from Flat Holm Island on or near 28.505, 21.250, 14.250, and 7.150 in recognition of International Marconi Day.  The first wireless signals were transmitted and received between Lavernock Point and Flat Holm Island on 13 May 1897 by Guglielmo Marconi and George Kemp.  QSL for certificate via Jim Bryant, 2 Redcliffe Close, Portishead, Bristol BS20 8HB, UNITED KINGDOM.   Full details can be found at g4usb.net/IMD/imd-2013/,  Awards Info is at g4usb.net/IMD/the-award/.  Website:  www.g4kpm.co.uk/flat-holm-expedition-april-2013.html

20 April, 0900Z-1700Z, W0OI – Iowa State VEISHEA:  The Cyclone Amateur Radio Club will be operating on or near 14.275, 7.275, and 28.375 in conjunction with Iowa State University’s  VEISHEA celebration, which is showcases the Iowa State community thru educational and entertainment events.   QSL via Cyclone Amateur Radio Club, UDCC Mailroom, Ames, IA 50012.  Website:  www.stuorg.iastate.edu/radioclub

20 April-24 May, 0001Z-2359Z, PG6KING –  The Coronation of King Willem Alexander:  PG6KING will be on the air in honor of the coronation of Willem Alexander as King of the Netherlands on 30 April 2013 (Note:  I have also read that this will be considered an inauguration instead of a coronation, apparently due to it being a secular instead of religious ceremony).  Look for PG6KING on or near 14.008, 18.072, 24.892, and 28.008. QSL via Edwin, via bureau, or see URL, Leiden, NETHERLANDS.  Website:   www.qrz.com/db/PG6KING

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