CGAS Savannah Gets MH-65Ds (Update)

Savannah, GA –  A couple of weeks ago, I posted about MH-65Ds beginning to operate out of Coast Guard Air Station Savannah.  Over the last week, another MH-65D began to appear on my RadarBox logs and yesterday today were the first times I caught in on the radios.  6550 has been showing up on Mode-S as AE2688 over the last week and appeared to be the Air Facility Charleston rotation aircraft yesterday.  That makes the list of MH-65s currently at CGAS Savannah:

  • 6542 (MH-65C)
  • 6604 (MH-65C)
  • 6530 (MH-65D, Mode-S AE2678)
  • 6550 (MH-65D, Mode-S AE2688)
  • 6562 (MH-65D, Mode-S AE2694)


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