Special Event Stations to Look For; 11-12 May 2013

There will be a lot of stations to look for this weekend due to the annual Military/Amateur Radio Crossband Communications Test that takes place as part of Armed Forces Day (Yes, Armed Forces Day is celebrated next weekend, but the amateur radio community always wants to give the Dayton Hamvention priority…).   The crossband test gives “Amateur Radio operators and short wave listeners an opportunity to demonstrate their individual technical skills and to receive recognition from the appropriate military radio station for their proven expertise.”   The way the crossband test works is that the military station listens on a ham radio frequency but transmits on a military frequency while the amateur station listens on the military frequency while transmitting on the amateur frequency; it’s not unlike operating split with a DX station.   A full list of participating stations can be found here.


Additionally, there is also a compliment of other special event stations this weekend, including some stations celebrating historic events, festivals, and fairs.  Due to the Dambuster Raid special event below which began on 3 May, I’m posting early this week.  I’ll retweet it on Friday as a reminder.

3-30 May, GB617SQN – 70th anniversary of 617 Squadron’s Dambuster Raid “Operation Chastise”:  The Thorpe Camp Visitor Centre Amateur Radio Group will be operating throughout the month of may honoring the Royal Air Force’s 617 Squadron’s “Operation Chastise” raid against dams in Germany on 16-17 May 1943.  QSL via Buro or direct via Thorpe Camp Vintage Radio Museum, Thorpe Road B1192, Tattershal Thorpe Nr. Coningsby Lincolnshire LN44PE, England.  Website:  http://www.qsl.net/gb617sqn/

8-11 May, 1300Z-2200Z, W5KS – Comanche Code Talkers of WWI & WWII:  The Lawton-Ft. Sill Amateur Radio Club and the Comanche Nation of Oklahoma will be honoring the memory of World War I and World War II Code Talkers with a special event station operating on or near 50.125, 21.295, 14.295, and 7.295.  Code talkers used codes developed from their Native American languages (Choctaw and Comanche among others) to transmit tactical messages for the Marine Corps and US Army.  QSL for certificate & QSL via the Lawton-Ft Sill Amateur Radio Club, PO Box 892, Lawton, OK 73502.  Website:  www.w5ks.org

9-11 May, 1500Z-2300Z, W7SU – 1869 Transcontinental Rail Road Golden Spike Commemorative:  The Ogden Amateur Radio Club of Ogden, UT will be operating on or near 21.285, 14.255, 14.040, and 7.235. QSL in celebration of the driving of the Transcontinental Spike.  The golden Transcontinental Spike was driven at Promontory Summit, Utah on 10 May 1869 by railroad tycoon Leland Stanford to join the Union Pacific and Central Pacific railroads as the first transcontinental railroad across the United States.  QSL via the Ogden Amateur Radio Club, PO Box 3353, Ogden, UT 84409.  Website:  www.w7g.org

11 May, 1600Z-2300Z, NI6IW – Armed Forces Day, National Maritime Day:  The USS Midway, CV-41 Museum will be operating on or near 14.320, 7.250, and 14.070 as well as D-STAR reflector 012C in honor of Armed Forces Day and National Maritime Day. QSL via USS Midway  Museum Radio Room, 910 N Harbor Dr, San Diego, CA 92101.

11 May, 1400z-1800Z, K4RC – Jamestown Island, VA Special Event:  The Williamsburg Area Amateur Radio Club will be operating a special event station from historic Jamestown Island, the site of the first permanent British settlement in North America in 1607.  QSL via Steven E Flester KG4SMV, 100 Percussion Rd, Williamsburg, VA 23185.  Note:  “This is one of three annual events in the club’s “Historic Triangle” special event series. If you work us at Jamestown, Colonial Williamsburg in July, and Yorktown in October, you are eligible for a special certificate. The contacts do not have to be made in the same calendar year. Check out our web page at www.k4rc.net for more information.”  Website: http://www.k4rc.net/special.event.htm

11-12 May, 1117Z-1316Z, N4USA – Floyd Auto Fair:  The Foundation for Amateur International Radio Service in Floyd, VA will be operating a special event station as part of the Floyd Auto Fair on or near 21.450, 14.250, 14.300, and 7.300.  QSL for certificate via FAIRS, PO Box 179, Floyd, VA 24091.  Website:   www.fairs.org

11-12 May, 0800Z-0800Z, N7Q – Mouth of the Columbia Day:  The Mouth of the Columbia Amateur Radio Club of  Warrenton, OR will be remembering Silent Key Marque Marriott, N7LWQ with a special event station operating on or near 52.200, 28.305, 7.200,  and 3.950 as well as RTTY on 14.120 and 10.125.  QSL for certificate and QSL via MOTCARC QSL Manager, 41155 School House Rd, Astoria, OR 97103.  Website:  http://mouthofthecolumbiaarc.org/activites/motcday/

11-12 May, 1000Z-2359Z, W1S – Watch City Festival:  The  Waltham Amateur Radio Association of Waltham, MA will be operating on or near 28.360 and 14.250 (and possibly CW on 14.120) in conjunction with with the Watch City Festival, a celebration of the Steampunk movement. QSL for certificate and QSL via Bill McIninch, Jr, 26 Margo Rd, Brighton, MA 02135.

12-27 May, 1212Z-1212Z, N4G – Cannon County Good Old Days:  The Cannon-Dekalb Amateur Radio Club of Woodbury, TN will be operating on or near 14.225, 14.050, 7.220, and 7.050 in conjunction with the Cannon Good Old Days Festival. QSL via Jerry Elkins, N4LZY, 108 Bellehill Ln, Woodbury, TN 37190.  Website:  www.dccarc.org

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