Fort Stewart/Hunter AAF P25 380 MHz TRS Update – 1 June 2013

I recently noticed that there was now data on this system on the Radio Reference website.  One thing I noticed immediately is that site 1 is misidentified on Radio Reference; Site 1 is located in Savannah on a tower near Derst Bakery, not in Bryan County.  Below I’ve taken information from my personal monitoring, Radio Reference’s data, and info from I’ve received from other hobbyists.  Site 201’s location is confirmed via multiple sources.  Sites 202, 204, and 206 are based on received signal strengths.  Sites 203 and 205 are the unknowns location-wise.

058A-0201 – Savannah
388.0250, 388.3250

058A-0202 -Main Post Fort Stewart?, very strong in Flemington on US 84
388.2500, 388.4000

058A-0203 – Unknown; medium signal strength in Hinesville

058A-0204 – Richmond Hill?, very strong in area of GA 196/US 17
388.3375, 388.7875, 388.4875

058A-0205 – unknown, weak in Hinesville
385.3125, 385.6250

058A-0206 – Pembroke?, full quieting in Pembroke area
385.0125, 385.8875


4 thoughts on “Fort Stewart/Hunter AAF P25 380 MHz TRS Update – 1 June 2013

  1. not surprised with incorrect info. on radio reference.I would hate to have a scanner programed with their frequencies and info for my area.Seems like anybody can enter info into their database,if they are a member.Alot of people think that radioreference is the bees knees,well I do not.Just my two cents.Thanks for all your posts and info.

    1. The information for the Savannah area in Radio Reference is actually fairly accurate. The mistake I noted is likely an honest one; I plan on sending in a correction.

      You have to take anything like Radio Reference with a grain of salt. It’s not perfect – no, but that’s not all their fault. Anything that is based on user submitted information is going to function on the GIGO factor (Garbage In, Garbage Out). Personally, I’ve found them to be receptive to corrections when I’ve sent them in. Military and Federal stuff in particular, like the TRS site locations above, aren’t always easy to peg down because you don’t have the FCC database to work with to confirm the locations. I certainly wouldn’t want to be one of their admins.

      Just like with the old Police Call books, Radio Reference should be used as a framework not as an end-all source of information. Their database is a nice way to start but it will never be a substitute for local knowledge on how the frequencies or talkgroups are being used. That’s where blogs like this one come in; you can get the raw data off of RR and get info on usage from a more local source.

    1. Yours, Philip? I know that this system’s been causing garage door openers to malfunction in Savannah and I think the news reports mentioned Richmond Hill as well.

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