I’m Back

A week ago, I wrote that I was taking an indefinite break from writing this blog.  During that week, a number of things have happened.  First, I got a WordPress message that it was my third anniversary using their service.  After letting that sink in, I went back and noticed that I started blogging in December 2006.  Second, I more or less turned off all of the radios. After a couple of days, I realized that I missed hearing what is going on around me.  During the week, I also continually received emails from a couple of friends who have a radio system change going on in their area and one of them mentioned how much fun figuring out new things is.  I have to agree…  Third, one of my favorite drivers finally won the Indianapolis 500.  Tony Kanaan, after years of perseverance and hard racing finally won the great race.  I have very few favorite drivers, but Kanaan is one of them; to see him win after years of frustration was simply inspiring.  Essentially, I came to the conclusion that I indeed miss sharing new things I’ve heard and my thoughts on motor sport via this blog.

So I decided to continuing scribbling my thoughts and observations on the pages of the internet.  I’m going to continue to listen and operate on the radios.  I’m going to enjoy motor sports.  I’m going to do so with a few caveats, however:

  • I”m not going to be doing the Special Event posts anymore because that’s one of the things that made writing seem like a chore.  If there is a special event coming up that particularly interests me or that friends are working hard on, there will probably be a post on it.
  • I will post what I wish to post where I wish to post it.  This is non-negotiable.  I make the decision on what I think is right to post where and what audience  I wish to post it for.  I don’t feel the need to explain any further.
  • I will be scarce on Facebook, the majority of my social media participation will be on Twitter.  Quite frankly, I’ve found Twitter to be the more varied and informative form of social media.  At least there my feed doesn’t seem to be solely the field of conservative politics.

To put it simply:  I’m back. You’re stuck with me.

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