Coast Guard Air Station Savannah MH-65D Transition Complete

Savannah, GA – It appears that Coast Guard Air Station Savannah’s transition from the MH-65C to the MH-65D Dolphin helicopters is complete.  The process apparently began in April and ended in late May.  Over that time I stopped hearing the five MH-65Cs that were at the Air Station and heard a gradual transition to the MH-65Ds.  The final one, 6555, began showing on my RadarBox feed toward the end of May.  Over the last few days, I’ve heard it operating out of CGAS Savannah and working with area Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary assets.

The five MH-65Ds at CGAS Savannah, along with their Mode-S codes are:

  • 6516 (MH-65D, Mode-S AE266A)
  • 6530 (MH-65D, Mode-S AE2678)
  • 6550 (MH-65D, Mode-S AE2688)
  • 6555 (MH-65D, Mode-S AE268D)
  • 6562 (MH-65D, Mode-S AE2694)

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