Glynn County SEGARRN Activity

Brunswick, GA – I’ve been running ID Tracker III with the BCD396XT while in Brunswick over the last several weeks.  While Glynn County hasn’t begun using the SEGARRN for its primary means of communication, there has been some activity; some of it new and some of the same as previously reported.

  • Glynn County Public Works still appears to be using the SEGARRN for their primary means of communications.  TGs 13312 and 13315 are frequently used with TG 13312 as their primary channel.
  • Glynn County FD has been heard on the system occasionally, primarily on TG 13320.  Traffic has consisted of what sounds like range/usability testing, exercise/drill traffic, and informal unit to unit traffic.  TG 13334 has also been heard; traffic on it indicates that it might be a Glynn County FD or Brunswick FD talkgroup but I haven’t heard anything conclusive.
  • TG 13325 has been heard in Glynn County but there was nothing to indicate who might be the user (I’m guessing it could be Glynn County FD).

Earlier this week as Tropical Storm Andrea was approaching, I was in Brunswick and had the BCD396XT/ID Tracker III combo running.  It snagged two interesting things that sounded like they were related to Tropical Storm preparation.

  • TG 2051 – NIMS Common was active with radio checks from Bryan, Bulloch, Chatham, Effingham, Glynn, and Liberty County stations (my guess is that they were the 911 centers in each respective county).
  • TG 2055 – NIMS Ops 1 was active with USCG Marine Safety Unit personnel checking various port and dock facilities in the Savannah and Brunswick areas.  I’ve never heard that kind of traffic on the system before so I don’t know if the radios were something the Coast Guard borrowed for storm preparation or if they’re assigned radios on the SEGARRN.

If you’re in the Glynn County and Brunswick area, it is definitely time to start keeping an ear on the SEGARRN system.  Frequently you can hear Liberty County and Bryan County activity on it (North Bryan Fire/EMS traffic shows up on a surprisingly regular basis) as well as traffic on some of the NIMS talkgroups.  Southside EMS from Savannah also shows up regularly; I’m assuming this is probably due to transfers and transports being done between Savannah and Brunswick.

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