NIMS Talkgroups on the SEGARRN and Chatham-Effingham TRS

Savannah, GA – In my previous post, I mentioned NIMS talkgroups.  If you listen to the SEGARRN and/or Chatham-Effingham TRS, the NIMS (National Incident Management System) talkgroups are something you will want to be aware of.  If you listen to public safety communications and you haven’t programmed them into your scanner, you’ll definitely want to remedy that.  The NIMS talkgroups are listed below with the SEGARRN talkgroup IDs in regular type and the Chatham-Effingham TRS talkgroup IDs in italics:

  • 2051/32816 – NIMS Common
  • 2053/32848 – NIMS Command 1
  • 2055/32880 – NIMS Operations 1
  • 2057/32912 – NIMS Logistics 1
  • 2059/32944 – NIMS Planning 1
  • 2061/32976 – NIMS Command 2
  • 2063/33008 – NIMS Operations 2
  • 2065/33040 – NIMS Logistics 2
  • 2067/33072 – NIMS Planning 2
  • 2069/33104 – NIMS Command 3
  • 2083/33328 – NIMS Operations 3
  • 2085/33360 – NIMS Logistics 3
  • 2087/33392 – NIMS Planning 3
  • 2389/38224 – NIMS Reserve A
  • 2391/38256 – NIMS Reserve B
  • 2393/38288 – NIMS Reserve C

The NIMS talkgroups are interoperability talkgroups.  Whenever there is an incident or event that involves multiple jurisdictions or agencies, the NIMS talkgroups might be used for communications.  Every agency might not have everyone else’s Dispatch or Tac channels in their radios, but every radio on the two systems should have the NIMS talkgroups programmed into them.  That means everyone on the incident has a common set of talkgroups that they can operate off of, making interoperability easier.  A good example of the use of the NIMS talkgroups is St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah; some of them have been used for St. Patrick’s Day the last couple of years.

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