Road Trip Radio Report – Savannah, GA to Darlington, SC

Savannah, GA – Earlier, I posted about the road trip I took with my nephew to the Darlington Raceway Museum.  During the trip, we had the mobile station in operation with the exception of the HF radio:  The Uniden HP-1, the Uniden BC780XLT, and the Yaesu FT-8800. As I experimented with last week, I hooked up the portable monitoring station netbook computer to the Uniden HP-1 during the trip and used it to log activity with Butel’s ARC-Patrol software so I wouldn’t have to scribble as much down.  It worked out quite well and most of the list below was collected with the HP-1/netbook computer combo.

KF4LMT mobile at Darlington Raceway

KF4LMT mobile at Darlington Raceway

As I tweeted for both the northbound and southbound legs of the trip, I was monitoring the 2 Meter and 70 cm call frequencies 146.520 and 446.000.  Instead of scanning repeaters this time, I was curious to see if I heard any activity.  Disappointingly, I didn’t.  I wonder how many people monitor the call frequencies while on road trips or have them in their radio’s scan list?  I usually don’t monitor them exclusively like I did on this trip, but I always have them in the FT-8800’s scan list.  While we were stopped at one of the rest area’s on I-95, I did meet a fellow ham who was northbound on I-95 (Apologies – I didn’t write his callsign down so of course I forgot), he saw the antennas on my car and as he is interested in operating mobile HF we discussed the Opek HF antenna I use and how I ran the power from the radio into the car.

On the scanning side, there was plenty to listen to on both the public safety and aviation/military bands.  The South Carolina Highway Patrol was very active on the statewide Palmetto 800 system.  Activity from Clarendon County, Darlington County, Kershaw County, Lee County, and Orangeburg County were also heard on the Palmetto 800 system.  Public Safety activity in Florence County and Sumter County was heard on those counties’ respective trunked repeater systems.  VHF/UHF conventional frequencies were also in use by Beaufort, Berkeley, Calhoun, Clarendon, Colleton, Darlington, Dorchester, Florence, Orangeburg, and Sumter counties. (Other than SCHP, I didn’t monitor any other law enforcement)  Shaw AFB in Sumter, SC is close enough that you can listen to the base’s VHF TRS while passing through Sumter County on I-95.  Military activity was slim today, but the VHF airband was very busy with Jacksonville Center activity. (Public Safety frequencies and talkgroups identified with Radio Reference data)

Palmetto 800 TRS
TG 144 – Lee County FD Dispatch
TG 3184 – Kershaw County FD Dispatch
TG 4816 – Darlington and Hartsville FDs
TG 6896 – SCHP Richland
TG 7152 – SCHP 3 Kershaw/Lee
TG 10128 – Orangeburg County FD
TG 12816 – SC Criminal Justice Academy Training
TG 21392 – SCHP 52 Chester/Fairfield
TG 21520 – SCHP 1 Sumter/Clarendon
TG 21616 – SCHP 72 DPS5 (SHEP)
TG 21648 – SCHP 88 DPS6 (SHEP)
TG 29200 – SCHP 67 Florence/Marion/Dillon
TG 29328 – SCHP Horry
TG 29584 – SCHP 65 Darlington/Marlboro
TG 42576 – Clarendon County FD Dispatch
TG 44400 – SCHP 83 Dorchester/Colleton
TG 44656 – SCHP 68 Georgetown/Williamsburg
TG 44752 – SCHP 81 Charleston/Berkeley
TG 45904 – SCHP 99 Orangeburg/Calhoun
TG 46128 – SCHP 51 York
TG 52752 – SCHP Insurance Enforcement (MEMO)

Florence County TRS
TG 1616 – Florence County EMS Alert 1
TG 1632 – Florence County Rescue 1
TG 1776 – Florence County Rescue 2
TG 3312 – Windy Hill FD

Sumter County TRS
TG 4848 – Sumter FD Dispatch

TG 19 – Fire/Rescue
TG 21 – EMS? (discussion of Medic Units)
TG 22 – unknown
TG 22 – unknown
TG 25 – Police
TG 31 – unknown

Conventional Public Safety
154.355 (PL 118.8) – Beaufort County FD Dispatch
154.240 (PL 127.3) – Berkeley County South Fire Dispatch
155.8125 (DPL 134) – Berkeley County North Fire Dispatch
155.220 – Berkeley County EMS Ops
151.025 (PL 118.8) – Calhoun County FD Dispatch
154.0175 – Calhoun County FD
156.195 – Calhoun County FD
154.370 (PL 123.0) – Clarendon County FD Dispatch
154.145 (PL 103.5) – Colleton County FD Dispatch
159.105 – Colleton Rural FD
153.755 – Hendersonville FD (Colleton County)
154.235 (PL 118.8) – Islandton FD (Colleton County)
154.445 (PL 118.8) – Darlington County FD Dispatch
154.175 (PL 118.8) – Darlington City FD Dispatch
154.205 (PL 131.8) – Ashley River FD Dispatch (Dorchester County)
154.250 (PL 127.3) – Caromi Village VFD Dispatch (Dorchester County)
855.2125 – Dorchester County Conventional Repeater
155.9325 – Howe Springs FD (Florence County)
453.325 – Florence County FD Dispatch
154.175 (PL 91.5) – Orangeburg County FD East Dispatch
155.625 (PL 91.5) – Orangeburg County FD Central Dispatch
154.175 (PL 118.8) – Orangeburg City FD Dispatch
154.340 (PL 123) – Sumter FD Dispatch

124.075 – Jacksonville Center Summerville High
124.700 – Jacksonville Center Columbia Low
126.125 – Jacksonville Center Statesboro High
285.650 – Jacksonville Center Statesboro High
127.875 – Jacksonville Center Aiken High
132.925 – Jacksonville Center Millen/Savannah Low
363.200 – Jacksonville Center Millen/Savannah Low
133.450 – Jacksonville Center Florence Low
133.625 – Jacksonville Center Georgetown High
134.375 – Jacksonville Center Charleston Low
134.975 – Jacksonville Center Ridgeway Ultra High
135.050 – Jacksonville Center Meta Low/High
128.100 – Atlanta Center Augusta Low

118.600 – Florence Approach/Departure

328.025 – JSTARS Discrete
355.250 – JSTARS Discrete
395.150 – JSTARS Discrete

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