Radio Transition and Encryption in Bulloch County

I’ve been following recent radio goings-on in Bulloch County with interest.  While I’m not within easy listening range of the Bulloch County 800 MHz system, reports from some area hams indicate that Bulloch County is beginning their transition to the regional SEGARRN system from the Bulloch County system.  So far, many of the Bulloch County talkgroups have been in the 123## range.  Apparently all is not going smoothly as there are reported to be some considerable dead spots in parts of the county.

That said, if you live in Bulloch County and  are planning to go buy a digital scanner to listen to Bulloch County public safety the SEGARRN system you may want to hold off on that purchase.  Initial reports indicated that Bulloch County law enforcement talkgroups on the system were encrypted but more recent reports indicate that fire department talkgroups may be encrypted as well.  There have been some good updates on the transition on the ScanSavannah Google group lately, you may want to subscribe and keep an eye on them before making a new scanner decision.

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