Strange Happenings – Fort Stewart/Hunter AAF P25 380 MHz TRS Update – 13 July 2013

I haven’t been able to monitor this system in about 2 weeks because I’ve been in Brunswick, which is just out of range of the system.  When I got back to the area yesterday I made three discoveries:  one being a site location, another being new frequencies, and the most interesting being a technical difference in three sites.  First, the control channel transmitting on 385.625 was identified as coming from the Morgan’s Bridge area on GA 204.  The signal was received without an antenna on the BCD396XT in the area of Morgan’s Bridge, which is the Bryan/Chatham line on GA 204.  New frequencies of 385.2125 and 388.6375 were noted for the Pembroke and Richmond Hill sites. Readers familiar with the system will notice that I didn’t refer to 385.625 as Site 205 (or Richmond Hill and Pembroke as site numbers); this is because it wasn’t showing as Site 205 when monitored.  As a matter of fact it wasn’t showing as a Motorola P25 site at all, it was showing on the 396 as an “LT System” – an LTR site.  Since back in the area, I’ve had the opportunity to receive 4 sites – Savannah, Richmond Hill, Morgan’s Bridge, and Pembroke; of those the only site still showing up as a P25 site is Savannah as 201.  Control channels on the Richmond Hill, Morgan’s Bridge, and Pembroke sites are all showing on the 396 as “LT System.”  I haven’t been in range of sites 202 or 203, so I’m not sure what their status is.  I have not heard any talkgroup activity since I got back to town.

058A-0201 – Savannah
388.1750, 388.0250, 388.3250, 388.4750

058A-0202 -Main Post Fort Stewart?, very strong in Flemington on US 84
388.2500, 388.4000

058A-0203 – Unknown; medium signal strength in Hinesville

058A-0204 – Richmond Hill?, very strong in area of GA 196/US 17
**Currently showing as an LTR site
388.3375, 388.7875, 388.4875, 388.6375

058A-0205 – Morgan’s Bridge
**Currently showing as an LTR site
385.3125, 385.6250

058A-0206 – Pembroke
**Currently showing as an LTR site
385.0125, 385.2125, 385.8875


From here in Savannah, I can only hear the Savannah site and sometimes the Richmond Hill site, so any information from those that can hear the other sites is welcome.  If you’re able to hear anything, feel free to add it in the comments section below or send it to me in an email and I’ll include it in the next update (with or without attribution – your choice).  If anyone has any current information on sites 202 and 203, please let me know!

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