Miscellaneous SEGARRN Scanning Notes

This post is a hodge-podge of sorts of SEGARRN talkgroup information and observations.  Some of it might be of interest and some it not so, but I thought folks interested in monitoring Savannah area public safety might find it interesting.

First, Savannah Fire’s Fireground 4 talkgroup has changed at some point.  During Monday night’s storms, Savannah Fire was extremely busy and they ended up using all five of their Fireground talkgroups as well as their Admin Channel for operations at scenes.  It was the first time I’ve heard them use Fireground 4 in awhile and I noted that it was showing up as a different talkgroup than previous.  Savannah Fire Fireground 4 is no longer TG 346 – it is now TG 2359, which was formerly used for operations at Savannah Fire’s training center.  You’ll definitely want to make this change in your scanner programming if you like listening to Savannah Fire (and I’ve sent the update to Radio Reference for those that program their scanners using its database).

Most of what I listen to on the SEGARRN system are the Fire Departments.  I’ve been interested in which talkgroups are busiest, so for the last few days I’ve been watching hit counts on ID Tracker III for the BCD396T I use for logging the system.  Some of the results have been surprising, others not so much.

TG 239 – Southside FD Dispatch – 1025 hits
TG 2307 – Savannah Fire & Emergency Services Admin – 794 hits
TG 2311 – Savannah Fire & Emergency Services Fireground 1 – 469 hits
TG 5090 – Bryan County North Fire Dispatch – 323 hits
TG 227 – Chatham Metro Fire Tac 1 – 279 hits
TG 12806 – Liberty County FD Dispatch – 231 hits
TG 5093 – Bryan County South Fire Dispatch – 229 hits
TG 493 – Pooler FD Admin – 171 hits
TG 223 – Chatham Metro Fire Dispatch
TG 415 – GA ANG Crash/Fire (Savannah IAP) – 125 hits
TG 289 – Port Wentworth FD – 124 hits
TG 1659 – Effingham Incident 2 – 121 hits
TG 1541 – Effingham Fire Dispatch – 91 hits
TG 2305 – Savannah Fire & Emergency Services Dispatch – 87 hits
TG 229 – Chatham Metro Fire Tac 2 – 64 hits
TG 213 – Savannah Fire & Emergency Services Fireground 2 – 62 hits
TG 1619 – Rincon FD – 54 hits

First, I’m not surprised that Southside Fire Dispatch has the most hits. It’s not because they’re the busiest department in the county, it’s because of how much business they conduct on their dispatch channel. Unlike Savannah Fire, Chatham’s metropolitan fire departments, and Effingham’s Fire Departments, Southside conducts a lot of their scene communications on their dispatch talkgroup instead of using tactical or incident channels. Savannah Fire only dispatches on their dispatch channel; units respond and conduct scene communications on a Fireground channel. Chatham Metro dispatches fire calls on their dispatch channel and units respond and conduct scene communications on one of the Fire Tac channels. Effingham dispatches calls on their dispatch channel and units respond and conduct scene communications on one of the Incident channels.  Particularly with Southside now having EMS coverage for the entire county, I’m surprised that they haven’t moved to a system similar to these others and use their Division channels for scene operations on a regular basis.

Second, I’m surprised that the Bryan County North Fire Dispatch channel is busier than the Bryan County South Fire Dispatch channel. I would have expected the South End with Richmond Hill (and being more populated) to be the busier one. Unlike the above observation, I’m at a loss to explain it; perhaps someone who listens more closely to Bryan County could explain. I’d also be interested in what the hit counts of the two are monitoring them on the Bryan County site instead of the Chatham site.

Finally, you can look at the short list above and see what the benefit of monitoring the SEGARRN system is. With a hand held scanner in Savannah, you can listen to not only public safety communications in Savannah and Chatham County, but in Bryan, Effingham, and Liberty counties as well.

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