Fort Stewart/Hunter AAF 380 MHz TRS Update; 7 August 2013

Over the last couple of days, some users of the Fort Stewart/Hunter AAF 400 MHz TRS have begun transitioning to the new Fort Stewart/Hunter AAF 380 MHz P25 TRS.  So far, public safety users have been the ones that have been moving over, although some other users have been noted as well.  Thus far, it seems that the new system follows the same formula as used for converting Chatham-Effingham TRS talkgroups from SEGARRN talkgroups; if you multiply the 380 MHz TRS talkgroups by 16, they equal the talkgroup on the 400 MHz system.

58A-0201 – Savannah
386.1125, 388.1750, 388.0250, 388.3250, 388.4750

58A-0202 -Main Post Fort Stewart?, very strong in Flemington on US 84
388.2500, 388.4000

58A-0203 – Unknown; medium signal strength in Hinesville

58A-0204 – Richmond Hill?, very strong in area of GA 196/US 17
388.3375, 388.7875, 388.4875, 388.6375

58A-0205 – Morgan’s Bridge
385.3125, 385.6250

58A-0206 – Pembroke
385.0125, 385.2125, 385.8875

101 – Army Common
109 – DCH 2
155 – Forestry
161 – EMS
215 – Fort Stewart Crash/Fire
219 – Hunter AAF Crash/Fire
417 – IOC

Note:  For those who track UIDs, UIDs in the 1000# range seem to be Fort Stewart Central dispatch.

More information on this system can be found at the system’s page on

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