Hunter AAF’s Runway Closed, VMA-211 at Beaufort

There are two nuggets of information to pass along for those interested in aviation and military aviation monitoring in the Coastal Georgia and South Carolina area.  First, the runway at Hunter AAF is closed until mid-November.  Second, VMA-211 from MCAS Yuma, AZ is visiting MCAS Beaufort this month.

Yesterday morning I began hearing Hunter AAF Tower on 124.975 talk about their runway being closed; the mentioned to several aircraft that it would be closed until November.  A quick look at NOTAMs for Hunter indicates that the runway will be closed until 16 November.  Putting a few things together, it sounds like they’re doing some sort of maintenance on the runway and maybe some taxi ways.  In addition to no landings of fixed wing aircraft at Hunter, there will be no touch and go’s or low approaches for fixed wing aircraft.  NOTAMs and monitoring indicates that the RC-12s from Hunter and any fixed wing needing to come to Hunter will be going the CRTC at Savannah IAP.   Helicopter operations seem to be business as usual.

WAKE ## flights (AV-8B, VMA-211) have been operating out of Beaufort today.  Normally based out of MCAS Yuma, it looks like they might be working out of MCAS Beaufort for much of September.  At one point today, they also worked with RAIDER 29 (KC-130J, VMGR-352) which is normally based out of MCAS Miramar, CA but is apparently working out of MCAS Cherry Point at the moment.  The WAKEs, like several recent visiting units at Beaufort, are using VMFA-312 frequencies: 301.950 and 320.300 for air-to-air.

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