Shack Reorganization

I did a bit of shack reorganization over the weekend and Monday morning.  It isn’t quite finished, there’s still some cable management to do, but the photo below is a good representation of how it’s now laid out.


Along the top, from left to right, are two Uniden BC-780s which handle MilCom duties, a Uniden BC-895 which handles local ATC duties, a Uniden BC-796 which handles Marine VHF and Jacksonville/Atlanta Center duties, and the Yaesu FT-897D/LDG AT-100 combination which handles amateur radio HF/VHF/UHF and utility monitoring duties.  On the desktop is an old Windows HP machine (nicknamed Hoover) which logs and records for the BC-996 below it and one of the BC-780s above, it can also do the same for the BCD396XT portable.  The center computer is the primary desktop and is used to control and log with the FT-897D and the Uniden HP-1 to the right.  The netbook computer can be used for logging/recording a variety of the radios.  The BC-996 handles the SEGARRN and Fort Stewart/Hunter P25 systems and the HP-1 handles a variety of conventional and trunked systems.

Sharp eyed viewers will note the IndyCar and the airplane.  The IndyCar is a die cast of Nigel Mansell’s CART championship car, one of my favorite CART seasons.  The airplane is an E-3 AWACS and sits on top of my RadarBox ADS-B receiver.  The ADS-B receiver is connected to the primary desktop and feeds both the Live Military Mode-S and FlightRadar24 sites.

4 thoughts on “Shack Reorganization

  1. Very very nice radio shack,mac.Also thank you for your postings to milradio group.Could you tell me who is using 149.875 as acm at bulldog moa.I never can catch them at the right time to i.d. them.In the old days I could hear the aircraft better,because they were higer up,but nowadays they are flying lower and that makes it harder to hear them in lagrange Georgia.It is not used everyday,but it is used and not knowing the i.d. is driving me nuts.Thanks—mike–goodplumb—

  2. Thanks, Mike. As far as 149.875 goes, I’ve heard 149.625 used by the 169th FW out of McEntire (but nothing in my notes for it since 2011) but nothing is in my notes for 149.875. My best guess would have to be either 169th FW or 20th FW out of Shaw; they’re the most frequent users of the MOA.

    1. Thanks mac,that would be my guess too.Sometimes the beaufort aircraft use bulldog,but I have only heard uhf from them.If you hear 149.875am and i.d. it,would you let me know?.This one is driving me more nuts.You are a gentleman,thanks a lot.—mike goodplumb–lagrange Georgia—–

      1. The F/A-18s from Beaufort are VHF capable but very rarely use it. Another possibility, but equally remote as the F/A-18s is A-10s from Moody AFB. Every now and then they do work in the Bulldog MOA.

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