New D-Star Repeater in Savannah, GA

The Coastal Amateur Radio Society has put up a new D-Star repeater system in Savannah, GA.  Located on the local government tower on Kerry St. (roughly between Memorial Hospital and Grayson Stadium, seen from the Truman Parkway), it offers 1.2 GHz, 70cm, and 2m nodes.  This tower location should give it excellent coverage of the Savannah area, including HT coverage throughout the city.  I’m not sure what level the antennas are at, but it should mesh well with and augment the Pembroke D-Star repeater, which has never really covered the Savannah area well.  The callsigns and frequencies are listed below along with a link to suggested programming from the Coastal Amateur Radio Society and Chatham County ARES.

KK4SGC A:  1282.74 (-12.0)

KK4SGC B:  440.5875 (+5.0)

KK4SGC C:  144.940 (+2.5)

CARS/Chatham ARES Suggested Programming:  ID-880HFrequencyList

This should be a fine addition to the collection of coastal Georgia area repeaters.  Once I’ve had the chance to try it out with my IC-91AD (it looks like it will finally get to see some digital use), I’ll fill in with more information on coverage.

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