On the Air for the #WATwitter Thanksgiving Holiday

Savannah – Quite honestly, prior to Thanksgiving I hadn’t been on the air in quite awhile.  From the home station, I hadn’t been on the air since 7 September 2013.  From the mobile station, I hadn’t been on the air since 27 October 2013.  I bought a new HF radio for the mobile station just before Thanksgiving and I of course wanted to see how it worked, but the real motivation to get me back on the air was #WATwitter (Worked All Twitter).

Worked All Twitter is an informal non-contest organized by Connie Bird, NR4CB each Thanksgiving.   Basically, it’s a way for amateur radio operators who follow each other via the Twitter social networking site to make on the air contact and Thanksgiving just seems to be a good time to do it.  The purpose of Worked All Twitter is summed up well by Connie in her blog post about the 2013 edition: “Are you exhausted after CQWW? Do you love it, but are you tired of 4-second QSOs? Would you enjoy a leisurely weekend of QSOs with the hams you’ve known online but maybe never worked? Do you need a few skeds to help you finish up your WAS?”  The way QSOs are set up on Twitter is through the use of the hashtag #WATwitter in the tweets.  As I kept on seeing those tweets in my timeline, my urge to join in grew.  Eventually I set up a #WATwitter search column on TweetDeck to track the tweets.  Before dinner on Thanksgiving Day I got on the air and made a few contacts with the home station.  On Friday,  I made a few more,  then on Saturday I worked a couple of stations in the early afternoon before making e a 6 station run while calling CQ on 20 Meters (sure, 6 stations isn’t a lot for most hams but as those who know me well can tell you – I’m not one who calls CQ very much or very often).

#WATwitter Stations Worked

I’d like to thank K5PO, Andy and AB4UG, Eugene for working me from both the home station and mobile station to test the mobile in comparison to the home station.  You’ll also see that I worked two non-twitter stations; non-twitter stations are just as welcome in #WATwitter and those who are on Twitter!  I’m very thankful for the #WATwitter event rekindling an interest in getting on the air. I’ve always been one that listens more than I talk on the radio but every now and then I get in a rut where I don’t get on the air at all; when that happens I sometimes need a little nudge to get back on the mic.

Finally, if you’re interested in amateur radio, radio scanning and monitoring, or motor sports, feel free to give me a follow on Twitter:  @KF4LMT

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