Operating Mobile for Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day and Skywarn Recognition Day

Brunswick – Yesterday was the 72nd Anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.  One of the ways I recognize Pearl Harbor Day is by getting on the air and trying to find and log Pearl Harbor Remembrance special event amateur radio stations.  It was Skywarn Recognition Day, an excellent opportunity to get on the air and put some stations in the logbook while helping publicize the benefits of Skywarn.  Prior to last weekend’s Worked All Twitter activity around Thanksgiving, I hadn’t been on the air in quite awhile so I was looking forward to hunting both Pearl Harbor and Skywarn stations.  It was a work weekend in Brunswick, so it was also another opportunity to give the new mobile HF setup a workout.

KF4LMT Mobile in operation from Brunswick, GA on Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day and Skywarn Recognition Day - 7 December 2013
KF4LMT Mobile in operation from Brunswick, GA on Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day and Skywarn Recognition Day – 7 December 2013

After working the midnight shift and getting some breakfast, I fired up the FT-857D to see what I could find.  The first band I tried was 40 Meters.  Early on it was rough going and I had a hard time getting through but I was still able to put National Weather Service offices from nearby regions in the log.  Brunswick is in the National Weather Service Jacksonville, FL coverage area but I never heard them on the air.  On the other hand, I did hear and work NWS Peachtree City, GA (WX4PTC), NWS Melbourne, FL (WX4MLB), and NWS Charleston (WX4CHS).  Thanks to the ops at all three for working to pull me out.  Speaking of Ops, when I worked WX4CHS the crew on the radios at the time was from the Savannah area – Todd, NT4TH happened to be on the mic at the time.  It was great to not only work my home NWS Office but do so with a friend as operator.  The station that I heard Todd work before me was W2W, one of the Pearl Harbor Special event stations.  After working Todd, they moved just down the band so I moved down and picked them up after I cleared with Todd and WX4CHS.  At that point, I couldn’t find any other Pearl Harbor or Skywarn stations on 40 Meters that I could work so I changed bands to 20 Meters.  On 20 Meters I worked eight more Skywarn stations. During that time I also dropped back down to 40 Meters for a few minutes and picked up W8VA, a special event station honoring those lost on the USS West Virginia (BB-48) during the Pearl Harbor attacks.

Stations Worked – 7 December 2013

  • WX4PTC, NWS Peachtree City; conditions 46F and overcast
  • WX4MLB, NWS Melbourne, FL;  conditions 66F and clear
  • WX4CHS – NWS Charleston, SC (I forgot to write down their conditions)
  • W2W – National Electronics Museum Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
  • WX3PIT – NWS Pittsburgh, PA; conditions 22F with snow
  • K0NWS – NWS Duluth, MN;  conditions -19F and clear
  • K5LCW – NWS Lake Charles, LA; conditions 36F and cloudy
  • WX9IWX – NWS Northern Indiana; conditions 19F with snow
  • WX1GYX – NWS Gray, ME; conditions 32F and cloudy
  • WX0GLD – NWS Goodland, KS; conditions 5F and overcast
  • W8VA – Tri State Amateur Radio Association USS West Virginia Pearl Harbor Day
  • WX4NWS – NWS Louisville, KY; conditions 20F with snow
  • W9NWS – NWS Indianapolis, IN; conditions 15F and clear
  • N0F – NWS Sioux Falls, SD; conditions -14F and clear

It was clear from the morning’s Skywarn contacts that the weather along the southeast coast was an anomaly compared to the rest of the country!  The conditions in Brunswick were 66F and foggy when I first started operating and were 68F and overcast.  It was somewhat uncomfortable to give reports of 66F when I was getting reports of -19F and -14F and reports of snow!

On the radio side of things, it was a productive morning for the mobile log! Overall I added 14 stations to the log including three new states added to the mobile log:  Kentucky, South Dakota, and West Virginia.

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