Mobile Amateur Radio: 14 December 2013, ARRL 10 Meter Contest

Brunswick – This past weekend was the ARRL 10 Meter Contest.  Since the upper HF bands like 10 Meters are the bands my mobile station tends to work best on, I decided to see what I could do on Saturday morning.  I spent from roughly 1230 UTC (0730 local) to 1430 UTC (0930 local) operating on 10 Meters and I far exceeded my expectations.  I expected to work maybe 10-15 stations at the most seeing as how I was operating from the mobile, but I worked 44 stations from 20 different countries/DX Entities in just two hours!  10 Meters was open quite well to Europe, as is evident from the list of countries from the log:

  1. Croatia
  2. Czech Republic
  3. Belgium
  4. Bosnia & Herzegovina
  5. England
  6. Estonia
  7. France
  8. Germany
  9. Hungary
  10. Isle of Man (New DX Entity for the mobile log!)
  11. Italy
  12. Mexico
  13. Morocco
  14. Netherlands
  15. Poland
  16. Portugal
  17. Scotland
  18. Slovenia
  19. Spain
  20. Sweden

My “technique” was simple. I started at 28.300 USB and worked my way up the band with each QSO.  28.300 to 28.400 was packed.  Perhaps it wasn’t as congested as 20 Meters during a DX contest but it was probably among the busiest I’ve ever heard 10 Meters in the time I’ve been licensed on HF.  Above 28.400, there was more space between the stations I heard but you still didn’t have to spin the dial very far before coming across the next station.   The last station I worked was on 28.664 USB, so there was still more spectrum to play with but with my work schedule; it was time to get some sleep.  The other reason I stopped at 44 stations is because the notepad I was using to log QSOs will hold 22 QSOs per page and I stopped at 2 full pages.

Yes, I log old school from the mobile - simple pen and mini yellow legal pad.
Yes, I log old school from the mobile – simple pen and mini yellow legal pad.

For Sunday, I will be back in Savannah and will probably try to operate in the contest some more.  The G5RV at the home station doesn’t like to tune up on 10 Meters, so if I do some more in the 10 Meter Contest, it will again be from the mobile station.

2 thoughts on “Mobile Amateur Radio: 14 December 2013, ARRL 10 Meter Contest

    1. I’ve had fun 3 weekends in a row (despite working 2 of them). Call me a pessimist if you will but I keep wondering when the other shoe is going to drop.

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