Morning Monitoring at Jekyll Island; 17 February 2014

Scanning at the Great Dunes Beach Deck

I drove out to Jekyll Island this morning to listen out for Savannah Sentry activity but it sounds like they’re taking the federal holiday today.  It hasn’t been a total disappointment though, there have been a few interesting things to listen to.  I’ve had several interesting snags on the DOD TRS used by NSB Kings Bay, NS Mayport, and NAS Jacksonville. I won’t go into details in this post, I’ll combine the info with some logs from last Friday and post a separate blog on it later. The most interesting traffic of the morning has been on 157.125 (Marine VHF Ch. 82) where NOAA 56 has been working with 14S, 53L, R/V Barber, R/V Orion, and R/V Hurricane to locate and track Right Whales. You can hear them passing coordinates, descriptions, behavior, and other information; it’s been quite interesting. For the most part, it’s the aircraft I’ve heard but from time to time I have been able to hear the research vessels. If you’re in the Brunswick area you might want to give it a listen; if you have antenna up a mast or tower you’ll probably hear it better than I have.

Looking out over the dunes
The mobile monitoring station at Great Dunes Park

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