Douglas Road Trip Scanning Report; 22 March 2014

Savannah – After breakfast yesterday morning, I visited General Coffee State Park just east of Douglas on GA 32 before heading home to Savannah.  I took GA 32 to Alma where I stopped for lunch then continued on GA 32 to GA 203 to US 84 before hopping on I-95 and back to Savannah.  Lunch in Alma was at Carter’s Burgers on US 1; their burgers are excellent diner style burgers but my only question is why pickles cost extra!?  Just as Friday was my first time through Bacon and Coffee counties, yesterday was my first time driving GA 203 up through Bacon, Appling, and Wayne counties.  I had the scanners going of course but after leaving the park, I thought that a Saturday drive through the countryside would be perfectly accompanied by some music from the Allman Brothers Band Band so I listened to “Evening With The Allman Brothers Band” 1st and 2nd Sets along the way.

Most of what I heard on Saturday’s drive was very similar to Friday’s with the addition of railroad listening (which I probably should have turned on for Friday as well).  In retrospect I probably should have done some railroad frequency searching on Friday as well.  While at the park, I heard a lot of train activity on the tracks that paralleled GA 32 so that prompted me to turn on railroad frequencies in the HP-1 when I left.  Throughout the drive back to Savannah I head a good bit of activity on channels 32 and 56.  Driving through Coffee County on GA 32 I was able to hear the ground side of 127.575 Jax Center “Waycross Low”  since the transmitter is located at the airport in Alma.  It was nice to hear ARMY 03748, one of the MH-47Gs from 3-160 SOAR at Hunter AAF flying through the area and talking to Jax Center on the frequency (I also heard ARMY 03771, another 3-160 SOAR MH-47G in the area on Friday).  It’s also worth mentioning that I began picking up the P25 UHF trunked repeater system at Fort Stewart on US 84 at the south limits of Jesup; so for those with digital scanners in Wayne County, you’ve got the potential to listen to that system (and perhaps an excuse to get a digital scanner!).

Here’s the cumulative list of frequencies heard over the two day trip:

153.995 (DCS 031) – Bacon County EMS Dispatch
154.220 (PL 114.8) – Coffee County Fire Dispatch
154.310 (PL 114.8) – Coffee County EMS Dispatch
154.445 (PL 118.8) – Ware County Fire Dispatch
155.115 (PL 127.3) – Baxley Fire Dispatch
151.370 (PL 141.3) – Georgia Forestry District 8 Admin
159.120 (PL 107.2) – Georgia Forestry District 8 Rptr
159.225 (PL 100.0) – Georgia Forestry District 10 Rptr
159.390 (PL 156.7) – Georgia Forestry Mobile-to-Mobile
160.110 (DCS 026) – Air Evac 90 (Waycross)
164.575 (PL 206.5) – Okeefenokee NWR

160.590 – Railroad Ch. 32 – CSX
160.950 – Railroad Ch. 56 – Norfolk Southern

122.800 – Douglas Airport
124.075 – Jax Center Summerville High
126.125 – Jax Center Statesboro High
285.650 – Jax Center Statesboro High
126.750 – Jax Center Brunswick Low
127.575 – Jax Center Waycross Low
127.875 – Jax Center Aiken High
132.425 – Jax Center Hunter Ultra High
132.925 – Jax Center Millen/Savannah Low
133.625 – Jax Center Georgetown High
135.975 – Jax Center Alma High
128.100 – Atlanta Center Augusta Low
322.400 – Jacksonville Approach/Departure
228.400 – Townsend Range
339.500 – VMFA-115 Tac 1
139.700 – 23rd FG air-to-air
140.200 – 23rd FG air-to-air
143.150 – 23rd FG air-to-air

When I go back to Douglas (and I do plan to go back for future trips to the WWII Flight Training Museum and Heritage Station Museum as well as General Coffee State Park) I’ll be listening more for Moody AFB railroad activity.  I definitely have a better idea of what can be heard from the Alma and Douglas areas now.

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