21st Fighter Squadron at the Savannah CRTC

21_FSThis morning while on the way to visit the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge I was surprised to hear two flights of F-16s preparing for departure on 142.700 and 140.500, two of the Savannah CRTC’s air-to-air frequencies.  As I drove further north on Highway 21 I heard them getting ready to take off on Runway 10; I knew their flight path would take them right over the intersection of Highway 21 and Highway 307 so I quickly found a spot in the area to take some photos from.  Just as I stepped out of the car, MAITAI 01 came roaring over the trees; I missed getting a good photo of it but I did get some decent photos of MAITAI 02, 03, and 04.


F-16B, 93-02828, 21st FS
F-16B, 93-02828, 21st FS
F-16A, 93-0709, 21st FS
F-16A, 93-0709, 21st FS
F-16A, 93-0722, 21st FS
F-16A, 93-0722, 21st FS

The 21st FS is based out of Luke AFB and trains F-16 pilots for the Republic of China (Taiwan) Air Force.  They usually come over to work out of Savannah for a copule of weeks each year.  Besides the MATIAI flight, GAMBLER 0# also departed while I continued on to the National Wildlife Refuge.  Both flights went out and worked offshore in the Special Use Areas controlled by SEALORD.  One of the frequencies they used was 301.000 but I didn’t catch the other frequency.  They also used the usual CRTC Ops frequency of 237.000.  Hopefully they’ll fly another sortie this afternoon and I’ll catch the other fight frequency.  I’m guessing they’ll be here this week and next – keep an ear out for them on the radio and eye out for them in the skies.

2 thoughts on “21st Fighter Squadron at the Savannah CRTC

  1. Fantastic photos Mac! I love the F16s, I’m lucky if I see one a year at the local Airbourne event. I’m so jealous. Keep up the great work on your blog, I enjoy reading it! 🙂

  2. We’ve been pretty lucky so far this year. 2 different units of F-22s and 2 different units of F-16s for Savannah Sentry in February and now the 21st FS in April. Hopefully the trend will continue throughout the year; the CRTC at Savannah offers some great training opportunities to visiting units but budget problems the last few years seem to have curtailed some of it. Looks like that might be changing this year.

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