Forsyth, GA Road Trip Monitoring Report

BCD436HP with SRH77CA attached; connected to the laptop to log with ARC536PRO
BCD436HP with SRH77CA attached; connected to the laptop to log with ARC536PRO

Forsyth, GA – The first road trip I’ve had the opportunity to make with the new BCD436HP was over the last week to Forsyth, GA.  Most of the monitoring I did with the BCD436HP was from inside using a Diamond SRH77CA whip; when I was out and about I used the stock antenna.  Butel’s ARC536PRO was used on the laptop to log when I was inside.  I didn’t drive much so there was not much monitoring done with the mobile station.

I was impressed with the 436’s performance during the trip. Even from inside, I was able to hear Approach/Departure for Macon and Atlanta, Unicom from Thomaston-Upson airport, and a variety of Atlanta Center frequencies.  I was easily able to listen to Monroe and Lamar County Fire and EMS (surprisingly, Lamar County’s UHF came in stronger than Monroe County’s VHF even though I was in central Monroe County).  I was also able to hear activity in the Bulldog MOA (roughly between Dublin and Statesboro) and aircraft talking to PEACHTREE OPS at Robins AFB.  Speaking of Robins AFB, with the HP-1 in the mobile station, I was able to hear the Robins AFB TRS from I-16 south of Macon and shortly past I-75 north of the I-16/I-75 split.

Here’s a list of what I was able to hear while staying in Forsyth:

154.220 (PL 88.5) – Monroe County Emergency Services Dispatch
159.465 (PL 162.2) – Forsyth FD Dispatch

154.355 (PL 141.3) – Butts County FD Dispatch

453.900 (PL 131.8) – Lamar County FD/EMS Dispatch

160.665 (PL 156.7) – Upson County FD Dispatch

122.800 – Thomaston-Upson Unicom

124.200 – Atlanta Tracon

119.375 – ZTL Macon High
120.450 – ZTL TIROE Low
123.950 – ZTL Sinca Low
124.325 – ZTL Clark Hill Ultra High
124.375 – ZTL Lanier High
124.450 – ZTL East Departure Low
125.575 – ZTL LaGrange High
125.825 – ZTL Hampton Ultra High
126.425 – ZTL Dublin High
128.100 – ZTL Augusta Low
134.500 – ZTL Macon, South Departure Low
323.000 – ZTL Augusta Low
360.625 – ZTL Clark Hill Ultra High

133.300 – ZJX Moultrie Ultra High

343.750 – Bulldog MOA

293.525 – 116/461 ACW “PEACHTREE Ops”

I had trouble scanning the Central Georgia Interoperable Regional Radio System while traveling through the Macon area.  The 436 didn’t seem to find a control channel with the information I downloaded from the RadioReference.  I did get the chance to do a search and I found a control channel that wasn’t listed in their information; I plugged it into the programming and I picked up a few unlisted TGs but none of the ones that were in the RadioReference listing (I never had the time to get the SysID off of it to make sure it was part of the CGIRRS).  I go back to Forsyth in a couple of weeks and this is something I’ll be looking into further.

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