Forsyth, GA Roadtrip Monitoring Report – 03 June 2014

The portable monitoring station
The portable monitoring station

Forsyth, GA – I’m back in Forsyth, GA for another week and once again brought the portable monitoring station consisting of the BCD436HP and ARC536PRO on the laptop computer.  I don’t think my reception is quite as good in the room I’m in this go around (but at least the room has a better view) so I’m not hearing as much when inside.  I have used the record function on the 436 when I’m out and about to log some activity and I’ve also used the same function on the Uniden HP-1 in the mobile station to log when I’m driving; it has come in quite handy for logging the Central Georgia Interoperable Regional Radio System, which is the new public safety radio system in Macon and Bibb County.  In addition, I’ve been monitoring VHF/UHF Fire/EMS, VHF/UHF Air Traffic Control, and MilCom frequencies.  While in the Macon area, the Robins AFB TRS can be heard and I’ve monitored it as well.  The list below is a cumulative list, building off of the report from the trip two weeks ago (as usual, I do not publish law enforcement information, only Fire/EMS/Rescue related public safety information is included).


Macon/Bibb County/Forsyth/Monroe County Frequency/Talkgroup ID List

154.220 (PL 88.5) – Monroe County Emergency Services Dispatch
159.465 (PL 162.2) – Forsyth FD Dispatch

154.355 (PL 141.3) – Butts County FD Dispatch

453.900 (PL 131.8) – Lamar County FD/EMS Dispatch

160.665 (PL 156.7) – Upson County FD Dispatch

Central Georgia Interoperable Regional Radio System
TG 132 – Macon/Bibb County FD Dispatch
TG 135 – Macon/Bibb County FD Ops

122.800 – Thomaston-Upson Unicom

124.200 – Atlanta Tracon

119.375 – ZTL Macon High
120.425 – ZTL Georgia High
120.450 – ZTL Tiroe Low
121.350 – ZTL Logan Low
123.950 – ZTL Sinca Low
124.325 – ZTL Clark Hill Ultra High
124.375 – ZTL Lanier High
124.450 – ZTL East Departure Low
125.575 – ZTL LaGrange High
125.825 – ZTL Hampton Ultra High
126.425 – ZTL Dublin High
128.100 – ZTL Augusta Low
132.475 – ZTL Athens Approach
133.100 – ZTL North Departure Low
134.500 – ZTL Macon, South Departure Low
323.000 – ZTL Augusta Low
360.625 – ZTL Clark Hill Ultra High

133.300 – ZJX Moultrie Ultra High

343.750 – Bulldog MOA

225.925 – Robins AFB ALC CP
293.525 – 116/461 ACW “PEACHTREE Ops”

Robins AFB TRS
TG 3632 ALC
TG 3664 ALC?
TG 40048 116th ACW

I’ll post another report at the end of the week when I get back home to wrap things up.  I should also be back in the area at the end of September/beginning of October.  Hopefully by then the Macon area scanning community will have ID’d some more of the talkgroups on the Central Georgia Interoperable Regional Radio System because I definitely heard some that aren’t on the RadioReference lists yet.

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