UH-60Ms for 3rd Aviation Brigade?

Note:  This post has been updated with new information and corrected tail numbers in a new post on 13 June 2014, please see it for the most up to date information on the UH-60Ms.

Savannah – It appears that the 3rd Aviation Brigade at Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, GA is getting some new helicopters.  This morning I was out and about running errands and when I got home I saw that the RadarBox had recorded some UH-60Ms with altitudes indicating that they were going into/out of Hunter AAF.  Just afterward, I heard BLACKHAWK 20585 and BLACKHAWK 20610 in the pattern at Hunter AAF; those callsigns conform to MH-60Ms as well.  Over the course of the afternoon, I ended up hearing seven UH-60Ms flying in the Hunter AAF area:

  • ARMY/BLACKAHWK 20572 (3 AVN?)
  • ARMY/BLACKAHWK 20577 (3 AVN?)
  • ARMY/BLACKAHWK 20579 (3 AVN?)
  • ARMY/BLACKAHWK 20581 (3 AVN?)
  • ARMY/BLACKAHWK 20584 (3 AVN?)
  • ARMY/BLACKAHWK 20585 (3 AVN?)
  • ARMY/BLACKAHWK 20610 (4-3 AVN)

The pilots and crews were familiar with the airspace and seemed to be 3rd Aviation Brigade crews.  Some aircraft were doing pattern work, one went to Fort Stewart a couple of times, and some received clearances to the Statesboro area. 20610 is most likely a 4-3 AVN aircraft because it came up on 4-3 AVN Ops at one point inquiring about fuel.

Interestingly, all but 20585 were transmitting Mode-S data and most of them were also transmitting ADS-B (position) data that plotted on the RadarBox’s map.  The RadarBox log also showed 20613 but I didn’t hear it on the radio (apparently I got home after it had already landed).  AE56CA is probably 20610 but the Flight ID was showing an R (for ARMY) like the others were; its activity being plotted on the map, however, corresponded to what I was hearing from ARMY/BLACKHAWK 20610 on the radios.

  • AE56CA – not in db (5117) – ARMY 20610?, MH-60M?, 12-20610?
  • AE56CD – UH-60M?, 12-20613, 3 AVN? (R20613)
  • AE56A4 – UH-60M, 12-20572, 3 AVN? (R20572)
  • AE56AB – UH-60M, 12-20579, 3 AVN? (R1320579)
  • AE56B0 – UH-60M, 12-20584, 3 AVN? (R20584)
  • AE56A9 – UH-60M. 12-20577, 3 AVN? (R20577)

Below are some ADS-B maps from the day’s listening.  Hunter AAF is the line that runs roughly horizontal just below the + that is marked “Home.”  White and blue dashed lines indicate predicted heading, the purple traces show the flight path the aircraft have taken.

ARMY/BLACKHAWK 20577 (in white) on ADS-B
ARMY/BLACKHAWK 20579 (in white) on ADS-B
ARMY/BLACKHAWK 20584 (in blue, southeast of the Home marker) on ADS-B
This is probably ARMY/BLACKHAWK 20610; at the same time as this, it was doing approaches at Hunter AAF.
This is probably ARMY/BLACKHAWK 20610 (in white); at the same time as this, it was doing approaches at Hunter AAF.
ARMY/BLACKHAWK 20572 (in white) on ADS-B


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