WW2COS to Activate as Part of Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum Independence Day Activities

WW2COS, the amateur radio station aboard the B-17 “City of Savannah” at the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum in Pooler will be active today, 5 June 2014, as part of the museum’s Independence Day activities.  It will probably be active from approximately 1300 UTC to 2100 UTC (0900-1700 local), the hours the museum is open. Usually the station is only active on one band from a station set up inside the bomber at the radio operator’s position but for this operation, plans are to also operate a second station outside the bomber so that there will be two bands active at a time.  Look for WW2COS in the general portion of the HF bands.

Modern amateur radio station set up at the B-17's radio operator position during special event operations
Modern amateur radio station set up at the B-17’s radio operator position during special event operations


Unfortunately I won’t be there today because I have to go back to work tonight, so I won’t be able to provide frequency information over social media.  This is definitely an operation that I’ll miss being part of.  It’s been awhile since the “City of Savannah” has been on the air, so if you are an amateur radio operator interested in military history or military aviation, this is definitely a station to put in your logbook.  Start tuning around the bands shortly after 13oo UTC and they should pop up.  K4GTM usually runs video from the events on his blog, so you may be able to get operating info from it as well as see one of the stations in operation online.


If you’re a ham in the area and want to drop by to check out the station or operate, the museum is located just off of US 80 near I-95 in Pooler, GA.  The B-17 is inside the museum so high heat and humidity won’t be an issue.  I can speak from experience that operating from the “City of Savannah” is a unique and enlightening experience.

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