Photos from Recent Savannah NWR Visits

These are some photos from three recent visits to the National Wildlife Refuge.  Two were early morning visits and one was a late morning visit with one of the early morning visits being a rainy/overcast.  Alligator counts were varied; unusually, the late morning visit yielded the most with 33, the rainy early morning visit yielded just 9, and the second early morning visit yielded 16.  The water level in the diversion canal is still very high so most of the Alligator sightings continue to be in the first half of the Laurel Hill drive.  Terns and Skimmers were very active on all three visits and Ospreys were out hunting in this morning’s early morning visit.  The Great Egret and Black Bellied Whistling Duck numbers continue to be up as well.

2 thoughts on “Photos from Recent Savannah NWR Visits

  1. Hi Mac; I contacted someone from the Radio Club during a field day about a month ago and I received an empty envelope. I sent my QSL card right after I had the QSO and my call sign is KD0USN, handle is Bob from Rapid City, S.D.
    I’d appreciate a card from the museum, if that’s where you were holding the field day.
    73 and I look forward to hearing from you. KD0USN Bob

    1. Sorry to hear you had a problem with the QSL. Unfortunately I’m not involved with a club because my work situation often prevents me from attending meetings and events. I assume it was K4NLX – the Coastal Amateur Radio Society? Please send me an email at kf4lmt @ with the QSO information and I’ll contact someone with the right club and help get it sorted out.

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