Large Force Exercise over Coastal Georgia

Savannah – Yesterday afternoon, there was a Large Force Exercise in Coastal GA that involved JSTARS, an E-2, a KC-135, F-15Es, F-16s, A-10s, a B-52, a P-3, and an MQ-5.  The offshore SUAs, the Coastal MOAs, and the Fort Stewart MOAs were used for air-to-air combat activity, air-to-surface missions over land, and air-to-surface missions over water.

VULTURE – E-8C, 116th ACW
BOLT 23 – KC-135, 6th AMW
ROCKET 1# – F-15E, 336th FS
SKEET 4# – F-15E, 336th FS
BOAR 0# – A-10, 23rd FG
MACE 3# – F-16CM, 169th FW
DEMON 7# – F-16CM, 169th FW
TRIDENT 21 – P-3C, VP-26
HAVOC 20 – B-52H, 2nd BW
SHADY 305 – MQ-5, A/224 MI Bn
ROSCOE – Exercise Ops

284.500/129.950     Sealord North Primary
311.500     BRISTOL Discrete; Blue Air
320.500     BRISTOL Discrete; Red Air
335.975     JSTARS Discrete; “Get Well” Freq
350.675     N. TACTS Range

228.400     Townsend Range Control/Coastal MOA
252.900     Townsend Range Control/Coastal MOA

127.350/279.625/41.300     Marne Radio
280.800     Fort Stewart Range

276.075     JSTARS Discrete
376.125     JSTARS Discrete
381.000     JSTARS Discrete
141.825     169 FW V14
143.250     169 FW V16
300.925     336th FS a2a
301.525     336th FS a2a

143.150     23rd FG a2a

303.100     C2 Coord

156.575     Marine VHF Ch. 71

269.025/127.575     Jax Center Waycross Low
277.400/126.750     Jax Center Brunswick Low
281.550             Jax Center Georgetown High
282.200/124.675     Jax Center Jekyll Low
282.300/135.975     Jax Center Alma High
285.650/126.125     Jax Center Statesboro High
319.200/127.875     Jax Center Aiken High
363.200/132.925     Jax Center Allendale/Savannah Low

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