Admin Post – No August MilCom Post and Catching Up

Between a week of 100 degree summer temperatures curbing use of the mobile station and a week of being down with a sinus infection, I didn’t have very many radio/monitoring days in August. As a result, the logs for the month aren’t very extensive. Instead of putting out a short Military Monitoring Recap and Mode-S log, I’ll combine August and September for one post at the beginning of October. The combined post will probably be out a bit late because I’m scheduled to be out of town at the time and the post scheduling will depend on when I get the chance to put everything together.

As I mentioned above, I was sick for the last week and it kept me from writing and putting together a couple of posts. Over the next few days I’ll be trying to get them posted and then move on to trying to put together an end of the IndyCar season post; IndyCar’s season ended Saturday night at Auto Club Speedway in California, capping off a very interesting season of racing in that series.  Anyway, here’s what you can look for over the next couple of days:

  1.  Photos from my 26 August trip to Harris Neck NWR before I got sick
  2. A follow up on the tagged alligator at the Savannah NWR

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