SEGARRN Effingham County Site

Savannah – An SEGARRN (Southeast Georgia Regional Radio Network) site for Effingham County has been licensed and is active. I’m not sure how long the site has been active because I don’t get to the Effingham area as much as I used to, but the license, WQUL874, was granted and effective as of 12 August 2014. Naturally, this is a good thing for public safety agencies in Effingham County and the northwest part of Chatham County using the system, but it could also benefit Bulloch County if they attempt another move to the SEGARRN system. It’s also good news for radio enthusiasts listening to the system in those areas.

The Effingham site for the system is Site 6 (2C5-0106) and is simulcast like the rest of the SEGARRN sites. WQUL874 licenses Effingham County for seven frequency pairs at three tower locations, but the frequencies you’ll need to program your scanner for the site are the output frequencies:

  • 770.10625 – Control Channel
  • 771.08125
  • 771.48125
  • 771.80625
  • 772.18125
  • 772.60625
  • 772.88125

When I’ve monitored the site, 770.10625 has been the control channel, but even if you’re using control channel trunking only, I would still program in the other frequencies in case they rotate. I have not been able to monitor the site with Trunker yet so I haven’t been able to determine any further. It should be fairly easy to hear the Effingham site from most locations in the county; the three tower locations are roughly located central county – located at the main tower site off of Courthouse Rd., south county – located off of GA Highway 21 between Rincon and Port Wentworth, and north county – located off of GA Highway 21 between Springfield and the Effingham/Screven County line.

  • Site 1 – Main Tower Site off of Courthouse Rd (Central Effingham)
  • Site 2 – GA Highway 21/Elbert Arnsdorff Rd (North Effingham)
  • Site 3 – Ga Highway 21/Parkway Dr (South Effingham)

Some Effingham County talkgroups that have begun appearing that are probably related to this new site going live are:

  • TG 1083 – Rincon FD Admin
  • TG 1637 – Possibly Springfield FD

If they haven’t already, we’ll probably see Effingham migrate from the Chatham-Effingham TRS to the SEGARRN. What does it mean for the Chatham-Effingham TRS? I’m not sure but I imagine we’re a lot closer to it going away that we have been.  If you’re still monitoring that system with an older model scanner, you’ll definitely want to start thinking about investing in a digital scanner in order to continue monitoring public safety in the Effingham and Chatham County areas. I have had both systems programmed in my scanners but I am now going to lock out the Chatham-Effingham TRS and only listen to it if I find that I need to; that will be one less system that the radio will need to scan through.

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