Savannah Coastal Refuges Complex Repeater System

Savannah – Propagation this morning has resulted in being able to hear all five (that I know of) Savannah Coastal Refuges Complex repeaters.  This repeater system is normally multicast and over the last several years they have been using digital voice. The system covers the Savannah NWR Complex along coastal South Carolina and Georgia composed of the Pinckney Island NWR, the Savannah NWR, the Tybee NWR, Harris Neck NWR, Blackbeard Island NWR, and Wolf Island NWR.

Savannah NWR Complex Map

Savannah NWR Complex Map

  • 169.8250 – Savannah NWR Complex Harris Neck Rptr (NAC 4A4)
  • 171.6500 –  Savannah NWR Complex Pinckney Rptr (NAC 555)
  • 171.7500 –  Savannah NWR Complex Rptr (NAC 5B6) (Multicast)
  • 172.4500 – Savannah NWR Complex Skidaway Rptr (NAC 68F)
  • 172.6500 – Savannah NWR Complex Onslow Rtpr (NAC 455)

Through monitoring in different areas and comparing signal strengths, I’ve been able to identify four of the five repeaters (as seen in the list above). What I heard this morning has led me to believe that the unidentified one, 171.750 (NAC 5B6) is a repeater for the Wolf Island NWR area around Darien. ARC536 Pro logged a signal strength of 190 for the Harris Neck Repeater on 169.825 (NAC 4A4) and 171.750 just a bit lower at 144. A repeater for Wolf Island would be located just a bit farther south of me than the Harris Neck repeater, so the received signal strengths could indicate that.  I’ve also heard 171.750 a few times in Brunswick which further backs that theory up. Hopefully a bit more monitoring will help confirm it.

While there normally isn’t anything thrilling to listen to on this system, it’s normally just administrative and maintenance related traffic, you can sometimes hear firefighting related traffic on it and during turtle nesting and hatching season, you can hear some research related traffic on it. If you’re interested in such things, it’s definitely something to keep in one of your scan banks or favorites lists.

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