Things Are Picking Back Up

Savannah – The holiday months of November and December, as well as the beginning of January, found me with little radio time. Things are, however, starting to look up; I had the chance on Tuesday evening while mobile and Wednesday from the home station to do a bit of MilAir monitoring. There was good activity from F-16s from Shaw AFB, A-10s from Moody AFB, F-35s from MCAS Beaufort, as well as local Army and Coast Guard helicopters. Both last night and today, I also caught some E-3 AWACS in the area. It seems that the holidays are well and truly over and everyone is back to work.

While everyone is back to work, I’m going to be away from work… I had originally planned on making a trip to Daytona for a couple of days of the Roar Before the 24, the Tudor United Sports Car Championship test/practice before the 24 Hours of Daytona later this month but some unexpected expenses left me a bit short. Therefore plans were altered and I’ll be making a trip this week to the Museum of Aviation at Robins AFB and the Allman Brothers Band Big House Museum in Macon. Look for some photos from both on Twitter, Instagram, and here on the blog. One of my projects on this visit to the Museum of Aviation is to get some better photos of the aircraft in the low light environment of the hangars by using the tripod and longer shutter speeds. I’ll also be trying to do some radio monitoring while in Warner Robins and Macon, so I should have some reports on that as well.

Update – 10 January 2015: Road Trip reports and posts on the museum visits have been added to the blog. The cumulative road trip report about what I could hear on the radios can be found here, photos from the Museum of Aviation visit can be found here, and photos from the Big House Museum can be found here.

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