Road Trip Report – Warner Robins and Macon; 8/9 January 2015

On Thursday and Friday, I took a short road trip to Warner Robins and Macon to visit the Robins AFB Museum of Aviation and the The Big House – The Allman Brothers Band Museum. Both days saw plenty of time on the road, primarily on I-16, I-75, and I-475, which provided plenty of time for some mobile radio monitoring. This post is an update of the report for the 8th that I posted on Thursday night, which touched on some of what I heard on the first half of the trip. While on the road, I let both the Uniden HP-1 Home Patrol and Uniden BCD536HP scanners record and log what they heard so I could go back over the files later and not miss anything. I also let both do the same thing while I spent time in the museums. The trip provided some pretty good Aviation, Fire/Rescue, and Military Aviation monitoring. Unfortunately, part of what I got to listen to on Thursday were structure fires in Savannah, Houston County, and Perry; I would guess that more than likely all three were due to space heaters or something similar. It was downright frigid on Thursday morning; it was 26F with a wind chill of 13F in Savannah when I left and 19F with a wind chill of 7F when I arrived in Warner Robins. The central Georgia area, so close to Atlanta, is always busy with general and commercial aviation flights and both days were no exception; eventually I had to lock out many of the VHF Atlanta Center frequencies just so I could hear anything military aviation related! On Thursday, Robins AFB was very busy with multiple sorties of 116th/461st ACW E-8 JSTARS as well as multiple test flights by both F-15s and C-130s from the Robins Air Logistics Center. The Bulldog MOA in central Georgia was also active both days with flights from the 20th FW at Shaw AFB, the 169th FW at McEntire JNGB, and F/A-18s from VMFA(AW)-224 at MCAS Beaufort.

Military Monitoring

Robins AFB
133.225 – Tower
257.975 – Tower
121.850 – Ground
275.800 – Ground
119.600 – Approach/Departure
124.200 – Approach/Departure
269.625 – Approach/Departure
279.600 – Approach/Departure
293.525 – 116th/461st ACW “PEACHTREE OPS”
225.925 – ALC CP, ROGUE Ops/EAGLE Ops

KOMODO 04 (E-8C, 461 ACW)
PEACH 32 (E-8C, 116 ACW)
PEACH 99 (E-8C, 116 ACW)
PEACH 68 (E-8C, 116 ACW)
ROGUE 01 (F-15, ALC)
ROGUE 15 (F-15, ALC)
ROGUE 15/16 (F-15, ALC)
ROGUE 30 (C-130?, ALC)
ROGUE 33 (C-130, ALC)
ROGUE 34 (C-130, ALC)
CODY 01 (KC-135?)
PAT 765
N395AE (206L-1, AirEvac EMS Dublin)

Robins AFB TRS
TG 4848 – unknown
TG 4880 – unknown (possibly Base Ops related)
TG 4912 – Base Ops
TG 4944 – Crash/Fire
TG 11248 – unknown
TG 11280 – 94th APS
TG 13616 – ALC?
TG 13648 – ALC?
TG 13712 – ALC?
TG 14448 – unknown
TG 16048 – HMLA-773?
TG 40048 – 116th/461st ACW
TG 40784 – 116th/461st ACW

Miscellaneous MilCom
228.400 – Townsend Range
343.750 – Bulldog MOA

269.550 – ZJX Columbia Low
363.200 – ZJX Allendale/Savannah Low
323.000 – ZTL Augusta Low

141.900 – 55th FS air-to-air

298.300 – 169th FW Ops
141.825 – 169th FW V14
140.125 – 169th FW V15
143.250 – 169th FW V16

250.300 – VMFA(AW)-224 Tac 1

DUDE ## (F-16CM, 55 FS)
DEMON ## (F-16CM, 169 FW)
MACE ## (F-16CM, 169 FW)
VIPER ## (F-16CM, 169 FW)
BENGAL 4# (F/A-18D, VMFA-224)
FOX 836 (UC-12M, 163836, MCAS Beaufort)
LOBO 01 (C-9B, VMR-1)

Civilian Aviation

Atlanta ARTCC (ZTL)
119.375 – ZTL Macon High
120.425 – ZTL Georgia High
120.450 – ZTL Tiroe Low
121.350 – ZTL Logen Low
123.950 – ZTL Sinca Low
124.325 – ZTL Clark Hill Ultra High
124.375 – ZTL Lanier High
124.450 – ZTL East Departure Low
125.575 – ZTL LaGrange High
125.825 – ZTL Hampton Ultra High
126.425 – ZTL Dublin High
128.100 – ZTL Augusta Low
133.100 – ZTL Atlanta North Departure
134.500 – ZTL Atlanta South Departure
135.000 – ZTL Atlanta Workload

Jacksonville Center (ZJX)
124.700 – ZJX Columbia Low
126.750 – ZJK Brunswick Low
127.875 – ZJX Aiken High
132.925 – ZJX Allendale/Savannah Low
133.300 – ZJX Moultrie Ultra High
135.975 – ZJX Alma High

Public Safety Monitoring

During the trip I monitored the public safety trunked repeater systems in Bulloch, Houston, Peach, and Bibb counties. Between Bulloch and the Warner Robins/Macon area, everything else along I-16 is conventional. 2014 saw me make five trips through the area but this trip had two noteable changes since my last visit

  1. As late as October and November 2014, the Georgia Forestry Commission District 4 Repeaters were using a PL tone of 146.2 on 159.120 MHz. On this trip, I noticed it had changed to DCS 047 on the same frequency. I don’t know if this is the case for all of the GFC Distict 4 repeaters but it definitely seemed to be the case for the ones I could hear in the Warner Robins/Macon area. District 4 covers Butts, Carroll, Coweta, Heard, Henry, Lamar, Meriwether, Pike, Spalding, Troup, and Upson counties.
  2. On all of my trips through and near Macon last year, I never could hear anything from the Central Georgia Interoperable Regional Radio System on the BCD536HP (this system is a P25 Phase II system, requiring a radio like the 536 to monitor it; my HP-1 is a first generation which isn’t Phase II capable). I have no idea what caused it last year, but on this trip, I heard quite a bit from the system. The Macon-Bibb County FD was very busy, not unlike Savannah Fire and Emergency Services on the SEGARRN system. I also heard a number of talkgroups that aren’t ID’d by Radio Reference, including a couple  that I think are Macon-Bibb County Recreation Department related (TG 128 and maybe 127).

Public Safety Conventional
159.360 (PL 156.7) – GFC Statewide Base to Base
159.120 (DCS 047) – Georgia Forestry District 4 Repeater
159.225 (PL 123.0) – Georgia Forestry District 5 Repeater
159.225 (PL 179.9) – Georgia Forestry District 7 Repeater
159.240 (PL 167.9) – Georgia Forestry District 11 Repeater

154.355 (PL 141.3) – Butts County FD Dispatch
154.175 (PL 88.5) – Crawford County FD Dispatch
151.430 (PL 173.8) – Emanuel County EMS Dispatch
453.900 (PL 131.8) – Lamar County FD/EMS Dispatch
154.070 (PL 186.2) – Laurens County FD Dispatch
154.220 (PL 88.5) – Monroe County Emergency Services Dispatch
159.465 (PL 162.2) – Forsyth FD Dispatch
160.665 (PL 156.7) – Upson County FD Dispatch

Bulloch TRS
TG 2224 – Statesboro FD Dispatch

Houston/Peach P25 TRS
TG 16 – Houston County FD Dispatch
TG 17 – Houston County FD FG1
TG 18 – Houston County FD FG2
TG 35 – Houston County EMS Talk
TG 61 – Warner Robins FD Dispatch
TG 91 – Centerville FD Dispatch
TG 92 – Centerville FD FG1
TG 93 – Centerville FD FG2
TG 121 – Perry FD Dispatch
TG 123 – Perry FD Tac
TG 143 – HCSO MA1

Macon-Bibb P25 TRS
TG 235 – unknown
TG 247 – unknown
TG 413 – Animal Control
TG 507 – unknown
TG 801 – unknown

Central Georgia Interoperable Radio System
TG 127 – unknown
TG 128 – Macon-Bibb County Recreation Department?
TG 132 – Macon-Bibb County FD Dispatch 1
TG 134 – Macon-Bibb County FD Scene 2
TG 135 – Macon-Bibb County FD Operations 3
TG 136 – Macon-Bibb County FD Scene 4
TG 65135 – unknown

I don’t know of any scanning enthusiasts or amateur radio operators that don’t enjoy a good meal, so I might as well mention a couple of the restaurants I visited. Generally when I’m on a road trip I try to avoid chain restaurants and eat at local ones instead. On Thursday, I ate lunch with a friend at a Thai-Vietnamese restaurant in Warner Robins that he suggested – Monsoon. This was my first experience with Thai or Vietnamese food and at the suggestion of one of the wait staff I tried the Bun Dac Biet, which is a combination of lemongrass chicken, marinated pork, grilled shrimp, and meat egg roll with a lettuce/cucumber salad and rice noodles. The food was excellent and the service was good as well. Now I’ll have to look for Vietnamese restaurants in Savannah and Brunswick… On Thursday night, I had supper at the El Jalisciense Mexican restaurant in Warner Robins; I had the Especial de la Casa, which is rice with cheese sauce topped off with grilled chicken, shrimp, onions, and mushrooms. It was delicous and for only $8.50 more than I could eat! I did eat at one chain restaurant worth mentioning – McAlister’s Deli in Macon. I stopped at McAlisters for lunch and had their club sandwich; it was quite good with good quality meat and the service was excellent. There is one in Pooler, and if it is anywhere as good as the one in Macon it’s worth stopping by for a good lunch for $10 or under.

If you’re interested in some non-radio stuff, you can read the blog posts on my visit to the Robins AFB Museum of Aviation and the Allman Brothers Band Museum from this trip.

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